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-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend report: intimate moments, servitude, and hurt (E)

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A quiet weekend, unfortunately filled with RL stresses and demands on my Goddess. However, that did not keep my Goddess and I from sharing some wonderfully intimate moments.

Seriously... one of my greatest joys is without question bringing my Goddess to climax, whether it comes from passion taking us over, or when she demands sexual servitude. I am also most fortunate in that my Goddess has tremendous sexual drive and needs in that respect, and that she very much enjoys allowing me release, under her control, of course.

My release always come when my Goddess desires it, and how she desires it, and that means that she'll be hurting me. Deep scratches and very sore nipples, among other things, are residual collateral damage from this weekend. But I still now have shudders from flashbacks of shaking and post-climax tremors 10 minutes after my orgasms. I've always had very powerful orgasms, but never before quite on this level.

No less erotically charged for me were the opportunities to provide my Goddess pleasure in a multitude of ways. I just can't get enough of doing that for her. Her reactions and her energy are just extraordinary, and there is simply such a special and important place in a D/s relationship for providing sexual pleasure to one's dominant.

In other areas, I hope I met my Goddess' expectations in terms of domestic servitude, doing regular housework and specially assigned tasks while collared and leashed 34 of the last 36 hours of the weekend.

All in all, another splendid weekend in love with, and in service to, my Goddess.

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  1. I share the control you have from your wife concerning orgasm permission, but my wife has a different approach. For her currently, I am rewarded with permission on my scheduled days (Sunday/Wednesday). She put me on a schedule so she doesn't have to keep track, but if I do not meet my expectations, the following time permission is not given and I have to wait. Last Monday, I got into trouble and since then, permission was not given on Wednesday, nor last night.

    Also different, I am sent to the bathroom to take care of it instead of in her presence. As I lay on the floor of the bathroom, I strangely feel her control and it doesn't take long for me to comply.