"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All over the place (E)

Image courtesy of Loves to Lick via Dishevelled Domina

This quiet morning of staying at home after several weeks of work without a day off is leaving me in a rather unusual kind of mood. My body is enjoying the change of gear and the knowledge that the day will be without hugely pressing issues to attend to and resolve, yet my mind is still racing, with thoughts and mental images all over the place.

I woke up first, and I am still the only one up, in the calm of the early morning, looking forward to spending a delightful and much needed day with my Goddess. Behind the apparent stillness of waiting for a second dawn to break, I am full of anticipation for the rising of my Goddess, a morning at her feet, our “Coffee & Clamps!” ritual, and spending the entire day at her side, doing whatever she’s in the mood for.

Since getting up, I’ve also had this deep, visceral yearning for her to hurt me, in a BSDM/different loving and attention kind of way (wink to Gloria Brame). Being so busy over the last several weeks has given us little time for much more than our rituals. These have been as wonderful and as deeply felt as ever before, continuing to reinforce our D/s relational dynamics, and providing a sense of center in the two of us, our love, and our bond. But I haven’t offered much of an outlet to my Goddess for her affection and her dominance.

Our course, this can change quickly with us, and I know my Goddess has been excitedly waiting for this first day I am completely hers is quite a while.

And true to my present erratic and overdriven mental state, let me share some a number of random and memorable Twitter finds of the past few weeks.

Stunning Twitter images:

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Favorite Twitter quotes:
“Sometimes I read things that others have written and am inspired and jealous, both in equal measure. I love that.” From @Ferns_. Her blog can be found

"It's the submissives that show to others what type of Dom owns them." ~ Anonymous.
From @AllThingsKink. Their website can be found

Stunning Twitter fetish video: from @GoddessSativa. Her website can be found
Bootlovers.com #72: Goddess Sativa in her custom purple crotch high boots!

Articles found through Twitter I enjoyed:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Humor in D/s and BDSM (E)

On New Year's Eve Day, after a few hours of "Coffee & Clamps!", my Goddess was in the mood to enjoy a brief caning at my expense. This was also an opportunity to bring out once more our "Holiday Cane." This is a hard red-and-white, twisted plastic cane, about 28" long, that we had gotten a few years ago, and that typically sees a fair amount of action over the holiday season.

My Goddess ordered me into a corner of the living room. I was already at her feet at that time, so I simply crawled over on all-fours as she pushed me over firmly with one of her knees. Once in the corner, I opened a cabinet where the canes are kept, and handed her the cane she requested, the Holiday Cane.

I presented myself to her in her favorite caning position, on my knees and elbows. She began by rubbing the cane over both sides of my backside, as something of a mental warm-up. And once the rubbing stopped, and the cane left my skin, the caning began.

She began with a few relatively mild strokes, despite the rigidity of the cane, but by the time I counted six, the strokes were coming in quite heavily. By the way, yes, I do count the strokes because during our caning play, sooner or later, my Goddess will ask me for a count. And if the number I give her feels inaccurate to her, well, let's just say that I'll be in big trouble...

And then stroke #7 came down. Heavy. #8. Heavier... that one had that reverberating-through-my-body feel to it. And then #9. CRACK! Even heavier than #8, with a burning sensation, but in the teeth-grinding-eyes-tightly-shut moment of the body reverberations, there was the realization of what had just happened. The cane was broken. We both heard the cracking sound, and the sound of the runaway 4-5" piece sliding on across the wood floor. We both started laughing, my Goddess quite heartily, me through the still heated sensations that had extended through my body beyond my backside.

Once we recovered a bit of decorum, my Goddess clearly was not done with me, and resumed. A bit more tentatively at first, getting a measure of what she had to work with. And then, as she ramped up the intensity, it happened again on stroke #14. The reverberating sensation from the point of impact, and... the cracking sound of the cane breaking once more, this time a 1.5-2" piece of the cane going off sliding across the floor. My Goddess had such a good laugh... joyful, defiantly evil, and dominantly satisfied. I also could not resist laughing, even if it was through the increasingly thick veil of subspace.

14 strokes was too short of a caning for my Goddess, though, and she continued until she reached 20. The rest of the cane held together. Once she was done, in her enthusiasm, I wasn't off my knees yet that my Goddess grabbed her phone and tweeted: "I just broke my candy cane on @SelenasDymion in 20 swats. I'll miss that festive little weapon, but I rock!"

Humor can be such an important and joyous part of BDSM play and a D/s relationship. Whether it's laughter during play itself or around a predicament, there's a magic about it in the eyes of my Goddess. And for me, it just intensifies the emotions, the sensations, and the subspace. The humor can be the result of a deliciously embarrassing situation, a physical or emotional response or moment that is wonderful and new, or just a totally quirky and unexpected event or moment, such as what happened to us just then.

Now, I have 10 months to find my Goddess another cane suitable for the holidays...

Image courtesy of www.young-goddess.com via Thou Shall Love Thy Mistress

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Eternity Collar: one year anniversary (E)

"Dymion's Eternity Collar" by Goddess Selena

Last Friday 3 days ago marked one year since my Goddess placed an Eternity Collar around my neck. I had wasted no time putting down our first impressions of the Eternity Collar in the
original post the very day it arrived and my Goddess put it on me. Back then I had written:

"The Eternity Collar really is a superb piece. Making its presence felt around my neck by its weight and its rigidity, it perfectly symbolizes my attachment and my belonging to my Goddess, her ownership of me, and the strength of the ties that bind us. It certainly makes very tangible the expression "owned and collared"."

In a
post six weeks after my Goddess first re-collared me with the Eternity Collar, I went on:

"Its heft and rigidity are constant reminders to me of what it represents: my submission to my Goddess, her ownership of me, my status as her toy, her pet, her boy.

...Its presence, and the thought that I cannot remove it on my own without a very significant amount of trouble, are constant reminders to my Goddess of her dominance and control over me, and of my belonging to her. I am hers...

... There is so much about of the eternity collar that I love. I love it when my Goddess grabs a hold of the eternity collar to pull me in for a kiss, to tell me something dominant or dirty, or to simply remind me of who holds the reins. I love it when we make love, and the D-ring of the locked leather collar my Goddess put on me in the early evening dings loudly against the eternity collar. I love it when my Goddess catches a glimpse of the eternity collar, and she flashes one of her dominant "I own you, Bitch!" smiles. I love it when I'm apart from my Goddess for a short while, and I feel the eternity collar around my neck, and I bring a hand to it, and feel its strength and its size and its warmth. And I feel the texture of the hinge or the edges where the allen screw keeps it locked around my neck.

And most of all, I love it that my Goddess feels so strongly about our relationship, and the nature/dynamics of our relationship, that she wanted to have as imposing a piece as the eternity collar placed around my neck, in all that it is, and in all that it represents."

A year after my Goddess affixed the Eternity Collar around my neck those words stand bigger, truer, and more vivid than ever. And the Eternity Collar it has remained in place, without interruptions, 24/7/365. It took a little getting used to, both physically and in terms of self-awareness. But now, it is part of me. Part of my body, part of my soul. And that is so very special to me because of the link to my Goddess. The Eternity Collar is there because she wants it so. The symbolism of our original collaring ceremony many years ago, the re-collaring with the Eternity Collar, the permanence of collar, all have been such powerful moments defining our love and our D/s relational dynamics.

My Goddess keeps playfully reminding me that she has no idea where the Allen keys to remove it might be. In fact, after 368 days of continuous wear, through workouts, showers, and just daily activities, who knows if it would come off with the Allen key by now. But it doesn't really matter. She has absolutely no intention of ever taking it off. I can only wonder what moments will come when sooner or later I encounter metal detectors at airports, or buildings that have them as a security measure. There have already been rather memorable moments with a much less imposing piece before (posted here). But I know they will only add to my Goddess' pleasure and her empowerment.
But I am so proud to be wearing the Eternity Collar my Goddess chose for me. I am so proud that she felt so strongly about my belonging to her, of her ownership of me, that she wanted such an imposing and definitive sign for us, and for the world to see if necessary. And for that, I am also so thankful.

"Dymion's Home Collars" by Goddess Selena