"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Goddess: my Love... my Obsession (E)

Image courtesy of Femdom Empire via Yes, Misstress... An Addiction to Submission

My tweeting over the course of the last month or so has turned out to be a rather satisfying experience. In a similar way that praying or meditating several times a day will do wonders to cleanse the soul, the heart, and the mind, and reinforce important principles, so I have found it to be with tweeting about our relationship, our activities, and our moods. Taking a minute or two to reflect, formulate my thoughts into words, and send the tweet has given me a chance to focus on the wonderful love and D/s relational dynamics we have. Often at least once a day, sometimes twice a day or more.

It has given me the chance to playfully express and share the obsession I have about my Goddess. An obsession that is not abating in the least as we are several years into our relationship. Never let anyone tell you that the magic of a relationship inevitably fades after the first 6-12 months. With the right chemistry, a little TLC, a little effort, good communications, a sense of exploration, and lots of kissing, the magic can keep growing far past expectations.

It is not as deep a meditation or contemplation as I go through when I sit down to write a post here in our blog. But the ease and speed of sharing on Twitter has been rather attractive, and I have found it a nice way to share and let my Goddess know what I'm feeling on a regular basis.

We have not really talked about our use of Twitter. My Goddess has not imposed a number of daily tweets on me (although that could be hot!). But she does seem to enjoy the tweets when they come through, or when she catches up to them. And I absolutely love reading her tweets.

For me, tweeting is a different and complementary form of tribute to my ever-growing love for my Goddess, to my evermore addictive obsession with her. Despite the incredible challenges we have faced together, despite the many challenges that we have faced in health, work, and more, I am hopelessly devoted to her. She is unconditionally loving, affectionate, and supportive of me. She is smart, witty, funny, and creative. And of course, there's that whole sexy, hot, and dominant thing going on. How can I not adore her?

I don't tell my Goddess often enough how much I love her. How much I'm infatuated with her. How much I think of her all the time. How much I adore. How every little thing she does is magic. Hopefully my service and obedience to her, along with my blogging and tweeting, and the times that I do tell her verbally and try to shower her with affection, all give her a good sense of how much I love her, and appreciate everything she is for me.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Twitter (E)

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Over on the right side of our blog... Upper right... Go head... Take a look... You'll notice something new... Our tweets...

To make up for the fact that it's been difficult to write good posts more than a few times a month (and we'll still work on posting here more often), we decided to see how the spur of the moment, stream of consciousness thing would work for us.

Sadly, no deep reflections, no hot pictures, no detailed descriptions. Just a what's-happening-in-the-moment, a what's-being-felt-in-the-moment kinda thing. In 140 characters or less. Should find time for that!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coffee and clamps! (E)

"Lordess of Rusty Spoons" via Lunar Black

Friday evening a week ago I asked my Goddess, "So... what are the plans for tomorrow?" Just one of those the-week-is-over-I-can't-wait-to spend-more-time-with-you moments.

She immediately exclaimed, "Coffee and clamps!" And she did so with the playfully evil, dominant smile that melts my heart and makes me weak in the knees.

Of course, our day-off morning ritual is a sacred part of our D/s relationship. I shared some of the basics at first in
Morning Routine: The Daily 10, and provided some updates in Pushing Our Morning Ritual, in addition to occasionally providing references to our morning ritual in other posts.

I must admit, I found it heartwarming for my Goddess to remind me with so much enthusiasm how much she enjoys our D/s based interactions, play, and rituals, and how important they are to her. Of course, it was also tantalizingly subspacey for me to anticipate what was to come. I had a torrent of flashbacks running right then through my mind of key moments of the ritual... preparing her coffee, bringing it to her, and offering her the leash attached to my locked leather collar... sitting at her feet while she enjoys her coffee and a cigarette... holding the ashtray while she smokes... waiting for her to tell me "Coffee, Bitch!" when it comes time for a refill... and during all this time, wearing the nipple clamps she expects to see from the moment I present her with the very first cup of coffee, and keeping them on during the entire time of our morning ritual.

In fact, the clover clamps will remain until my Goddess finishes her third cup of coffee (she SO loves her coffee!) If she's feeling especially evil, and in the mood for a little more coffee (by now, the switch to decaf has already happened), she may even have a fourth cup before she removes the nipple clamps. Well before the third cup, the dull ache from the clamps has become a sharp pain that stabs my nipples with every movement I make.

The reality of the morning that followed was everything I anticipated, and more. Sometimes, predictibility is not a bad thing at all... It gets the butterflies going in your stomach, it gets a little wave of subspace washing over you, and it keeps your mind racing for hours and hours.

Oh... I almost forgot. And then, when it came time to remove the nipple clamps, my Goddess twisted them, pulled on them, pushed them to the sides, and only after tormenting my nipples like this for an extra minute or two did she finally remove them. But she wasn't done yet. She then used her fingers and nails to do even more NT, and continued until I could no longer hold back a whimper from the delicious pain she inflicted upon me. This is also an essential part of our morning ritual. It makes her happy. Especially the whimper.

We are both off from work today. My Goddess is still spleeping at the moment, but I can't wait for her to wake up and tell me, "Coffee, Bitch!" so that we can do this all over again.

Image courtesy of
Pantyhose Supremacy via Lunar Black