"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Goddess hungry for more (E)

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I was barely finished writing the last post when my Goddess decided she was still hungry for more, and she wasn't yet done with her playtoy...

She pulled me in barely an hour after the episode I wrote about in that post, and put me through another few rounds of CBT and NT. All I could do was submit to her mood and enjoy the ride. I had already surrendered completely to her earlier, and I was all hers to do with as she pleased.

Were we done for the day at that point? Oh no... We returned home from lunch at a restaurant when my Goddess took me to the bedroom for what I expected was a nap. But the purpose in her voice clearly indicated that she had plans before that nap. It almost felt like the morning was simply an appetizer, and she was about to move on to the main course.

My Goddess ordered me onto the bed on my back, where she bound my hands to the headboard. Wasting no time, she straddled my stomach, and resumed her NT. With my nipples sore from two days ago, and sore from the morning, I just couldn't tell anymore if she was being rough with me or not. It was simply exquisitely overwhelming...

Within a minute or two, she moved up my chest, and then still further up to my face for some smothering. Still wearing her pants, she positioned herself perfectly to prevent me from breathing for several intervals. In between, I could gather the sweet, delicate fragrance of her most private areas, a delicious predicament in which I was intoxicatingly aroused by the sensation, but could do nothing about it. I was teased all the more as that wonderfully sensual fragrance was taken away when she would cover my face again and I was unable to breathe.

My unintentional reactions and my movements had clearly excited my Goddess, and I could once more, like this morning, feel the emanation of her dominance radiating. The determination in her voice, her movements, her actions... it felt like she would stop at nothing to feed her hunger. That kind of energy, that kind of vibe, far beyond any particular action or fetish, is at the core of the power of her dominance. Absolutely overwhelming... addictive... intoxicating... the essence of the ebb and flow of her domination and my submission.

My Goddess covered my head with a shirt, and proceeded to work my legs over with a small, light, flexible paddle. With short and stingy strokes, she found some very vulnerable areas inside my thighs. As the intensity of the strokes increased, my Goddess suddenly stopped, and impatiently released my hands, ordered me to turn onto my stomach, and bound my hands to the headboard once more. She had replaced by then the shirt that had taken away my sight with a leather blinfold, and started flogging me. Her strokes hit their marks heavily, sharply, and despite the sensations, the subspace, her still lingering fragrance that had imprinted itself in my mind, I could feel her dominant energy continue to escalate. My Goddess was still gaining momentum...

Suddenly she stopped, and told me not to go anywhere... I wouldn't have wanted to even if I would have been capable of it. In less than a minute, my Goddess was back. I heard the opening of a bottle that was a tell-tale sign that anal play was next on the menu. Deliciously hurt, totally lost in subspace from her mood, I was available and vulnerable to absolutely anything she wanted. Before I knew it, my Goddess was carefully applying lube, and somehow it felt like she reached further inside me with her finger than I ever remember her doing. She went around and around, reaching and stretching, and all I could formulate as a thought was "do as you will... I am completely yours"...

Satisfied with her preparation, my Goddess started inserting gently, teasingly, erotically, the toy she had brought back with her. I couldn't tell at the beginning which of our dildos/vibrators she had brought over, but realized quickly that it was the widest one. Such wonderfully evil thoughts she had... That particular vibrator is a bit shorter than some of our other such toys, but it has the largest diameter starting about halfway down. It didn't really matter to her... she had not used it before, she wanted to play with it, and she was going to enjoy it also.

Once she had worked the vibrator most, if not all, of the way in, my Goddess straddled my backside, and positioned herself to receive as much pleasure from what she was doing as I was. As she started pushing on the vibrator from the other end with her weight, I could feel an even greater penetration inside me, and then the rest was simply magic. Over the course of the next few minutes, she pushed into both of us, harder, faster, more desperately. She started trying to hold on to me, her fingers and nails tight against my skin, and as she was going faster and faster, deeper and deeper, I could barely feel the vibrations of the machine any more, just her rythm, her movements, her energy, and the crescendo that was building.

Finally, and yet all too soon, my Goddess reached a thundering climax, and slumped over me. I could feel her post-orgasm shaking resonating throughout my body. Laying over me, she couldn't help but to not-so-gently nibble and bite the skin behind my shoulder blades and coming up my neck, and I have some beautiful marks right now that are wonderful reminders of the experience.

With still room for dessert, my Goddess turned around, layed face up on my back as I remained bound face down in the bed, and reached for her favorite slim vibrator. That was simply such a sensually dominant position, the curves of her body fitting into the curves of mine, back-to-back, with the weight of her body keeping me down and immobile. And then she began pleasuring herself, and I felt body-to-body her every movement, her every breath, and once she climaxed again, her body trembling against mine.

My Goddess let her head down against the small of my neck, and fell totally relaxed on top of me, her light weight pressing down on me. She started catching up on her breathing as we remained still, and just layed there for the next several minutes...

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