"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coloring Outside the Lines (S)

Image courtesy of http://www.sodahead.com/

When I was a little girl I loved to color. However, I wasn't one of those kids who could color the frog purple or a tree pink. In was appalled by my friends when they would color smurfs red...I cringe just thinking about it! That simply didnt make sense. Yes, I was a practical child.

So it is funny to me how much (as an adult) I enjoy coloring my new canvas, dymion. There are no lines to follow or characters to bring to life...simply flesh awaiting my creativity. Dymion and I are still debating what type of true tattoo he will get to honor me (suggestions anyone?), but in the meantime I enjoy trying out various options. In fact, we purchased a multi-color set of sharpies to make it even more vibrant and provide me more possibilities. So, maybe once a week as of late, I have tied him to the bed and started my temporary masterpieces...hearts, my name, locks and chains, sweet sentiments to remind him he is special...stuff like that.

A few days ago I came up with my best yet. I drew the Earth on his thigh with bright blues and oranges. Around the globe it read "Selena is my world". That about sums it up, right? I highly recommend this activity. It's way cooler than my old Smurf coloring book.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A vision of dominance and love (E)

Image courtesy of models Shakti & Leo

She is sitting on the sofa, comfortably wedged in the corner of it, on the right side, wearing a loosely fitting pink bath robe. I am sitting at her feet, on the floor, cross-legged, just a bit to her left. Our morning ritual is not yet done.

In addition to my ever-present Eternity Collar, I am wearing nothing but my locking leather collar, a pair of clover clamps on my nipples, a shiny metal and leather dog leash, and underwear.

My Goddess removes the foot that was resting on the inside of my right thigh, places it on the floor, and crosses her legs. She pulls on the leash attached to the main D-ring of the locked leather collar a little tighter, pulling me in closer to her. She rests her right hand holding the leash on top of her knee. Her wrist is through the leather handle, and she has a turn or two of the chain around her hand to keep a gentle but firm tension on the leash.

She moves very slightly away from the corner of the sofa as she crosses her legs, bringing herself a little closer to me. That must be when she took up the slack, and more, in the leash's chain. And forced me to move my upper body up against the leg that is resting on the floor. Her other leg is coming across in front of me just a bit.

I turn slightly toward her, and I see the vision of my Goddess sitting above me in such a sublimely dominant manner. I notice her beautiful hand laying on her knee just next to my face, holding the leash, and I gently kiss her hand with all the adoration I can muster.

In one of those moments frozen in time, I feel my mind's eye pulling away from where I am, and visualizing the scene from the other end of the room. I so wish the moment would be captured in a picture or a drawing.

The mood of the morning ritual... the warmth of the interaction... the glow of the splendor of my Goddess' dominance... the energy my submissive reverence was feeding her... If ever I was to commission a portrait or drawing from someone like Sardax, or one of the other great femdom artists, as a gift to my beloved Goddess, this is one of the scenes I would want to have immortalized.

NEXT: a response to Lady Grey's comment on human furniture from the last post...

Can't make out the artist on the latter artwork, but it seems I first saw this image on the cover of a Centurian magazine back in the very early 80s. I'm pretty sure the mark on the lower right isn't original.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A quick recap of the last few weeks (E)

Artwork courtesy of the one and only Sardax (http://www.sardax.com/)

So much is happening... so little time to write...

Lots of servitude... oral, sexual, and anything else my Goddess needs/requires... including cooking, washing, and cleaning...

Morning rituals every day except those I have to be out of the house before my Goddess wakes up... always wrapping up with some serious NT, and often with a short session with a leather paddle or a cane... and I never tire of my Goddess holding out her empty cup of coffee at me and teasingly commanding, "Coffee, Bitch!"

Many nights going to sleep with my wrists bound to the bed... so my Goddess can have me next to her when she falls asleep... and knows where I'll be all night...

Painting my Goddess' toe nails... a new activity for us... I'm horrible at it, but learning and improving...

Spending an increasing amount of time as furniture... sitting at my Goddess' feet and serving as a footrest when she watches some television...

Extraordinarly hot and intense and painful love making... always on her terms...

Spending virtually every single minute at home with my Goddess wearing the locking leather collar... the rare times I have failed to bring it to her for placing around my neck in the very first minutes we are both home has earned me some rather pointed remarks...

And I can feel my Goddess building up to a more formal session any time now... just a few days ago, she was telling me that she was looking forward to finding a day when she could keep me bound for the entire day...

The weeks and the months and the years are going by faster than we realize, faster than we would like. Yet, thankfully, the intensity and the passion and the love keep growing. And our daily D/s dynamics are more firmly entrenched than ever before.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bound to sleep (E)

Artwork courtesy of Snail Meilk via Lunar Black

On all but three nights over nearly the past two weeks, my Goddess has made sure that I go to bed when she does, at which time she has tied my wrists to the headboard of the bed. That way I'm available to her if she feels like causing a little pain. Or if she wants to cuddle. Or if she just wants to fall asleep with her head against my chest. And then I remain next to her through the night.

Or until she decides to release me sometime before the morning comes around...

The new routine (ritual?) also prevents me from getting distracted with work, the internet, TV, or anything else that might keep me away from her. While I'm usually pretty focused on my Goddess most of the time, this has definitely brought about a certain level of behavior modification in terms of my habits and my schedule around her needs.

I think my Goddess is seriously enjoying this new additional step in control over her toy. I love that even after these years together, she keeps wanting to extend and expand her dominance, she wants to keep me ever closer, ever more under her control. This new ritual further reinforces, and adds to, our respective senses of ownership and belonging, and our daily D/s dynamics, and I can't adequately express how extraordinarily close this brings us together and keeps us together.

She's just the awesomest...

Artwork courtesy of The New Bootblack's Oubliette

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pushing our morning ritual (E)

Artwork by johnny via Nasty Blog

Yesterday morning, shortly after she woke up, I prepared and served my Goddess her morning coffee in the living room. I had on my locked leather collar, a metal and leather dog leash, and pressure nipple rings. That's in addition to the eternity collar which, of course, is always present.

As soon as I kneeled before her to hand her the coffee, my Goddess grabbed the dog leash and pulled me in close to her, tugging the leash lightly to each side, showing me she was clearly in control.

I sat at her feet, lit her cigarette, handed it to her, reached for the ashtray, and held it at a convenient distance for her. After she finished smoking, I reached for one of her feet, and began to kiss it gently, each toe individually, and back, and all over the top of her foot. I came back to the toes, and did the routine over twice more. Then I moved on to her other foot for hundreds more little kisses over her toes and top of her foot.

During this time, my Goddess gave the dog leash a pull every once in a while just to remind me that she was holding it, and that I was all hers. She also took the opportunity to tug on the nipple rings, smiling devilishly as the sensations in my nipples went from heavy discomfort to defnite pain.

Seconds later, I was lying on the floor, with my Goddess' feet covering my face. I deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her feet, and began kissing their undersides. She moved her feet slightly as I continued delighting in kissing and smelling them. In an absolutely intoxicating moment, my Goddess got her feet just right over my face and pressed down, covering my mouth and nose, and restricted my breathing for a few seconds. She released me shortly and I returned to adoring her feet.

My Goddess told me she was done with her coffee and needed another one, so I got to my feet, took her cup, and quickly made my way to the kitchen to prepare it. I returned, offered her the fresh cup of coffee, and sat at her feet to once me light her cigarette and hold the ashtray.

After she was done smoking again, with Goddess holding the leash, we moved to another corner of the living room where one of our leather paddles was on a shelf. I remained on all-fours while my Goddess sat on my back, facing the opposite direction I was, and she began to take the paddle to my backside.

The intensity of her strokes increased quickly. As the impact and reverberations of the paddle strokes made it more difficult for me to stay steady, my Goddess reminded me that she was counting on me to keep her from falling off. Some of the strokes really, REALLY stung, and as usual, she pushed me pretty hard. I was moving even deeper into subspace feeling her warmth and her weight on my back, feeling her trapping me between her legs, feeling her hold the leash, and feeling the rising intensity of the paddling.

With the last stroke, my Goddess moved off me, pulled my face close to her own through the leash, and her face was just radiant, exploding with joy, satisfaction, and dominance. It was just such a rewarding moment, and I closed my eyes to freeze in my mind the emotional, visual, and mental landscape that had been created.

A little while later, preparing to get in the shower before going to work, I felt my backside still very warm, and as I turn to see it in the mirror, I noticed the deep shade of pink that it still was.

What was an amazing way to begin the day...

P.S.: For a second day in a row, this morning we pushed the morning ritual again. It was very similar to yesterday, except that my Goddess added a few strokes to the paddling, and I got a chance to get some of her coffee... from her mouth to mine...

Artwork by wico via www.bdsm-artzone.de