"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Friday, October 29, 2010

Collar stories - 2 (E)

Artwork courtesy of Detours

It's pretty obvious for anyone that has read a handful of our posts that my Goddess and I place a very high significance on the symbolism of the locked leather collar that she places around my neck every evening, and that she removes the next time we prepare to go to work. Or before the next shower, if we have a day off. Or before someone comes over to the house.

During the last few weeks, I've been driving my Goddess to work early in the morning before coming back home and getting ready myself. And most mornings, my Goddess has been having us leave the house before removing the collar.

With the advent of the cooler weather and heavier clothes, it has been easier to keep the collar, its D-rings, and the hanging lock in back, relatively hidden from sight when leaving the house. In fact, if someone knew it was there, and looked for it, they would catch a glimpse of it sooner or later because it can't be hidden perfectly unless I wear a turtleneck and a scarf.

But the collar has stayed on because both of us enjoy the sight and the significance of the locked leather collar so much, and it extents part of my Goddess' control and ownership of me another 15-20 minutes. It is unlikely anybody will have a good enough look at it to make out what it is, except maybe the drive-thru person serving us my Goddess' morning cappucino (and they normally don't have much time to chat).

Just before dropping off my Goddess, I park the car very close to her work for a minute or so, we look around briefly in case anyone is looking at us, I lean over her lap, she removes the lock and unbuckles the collar, and we have a kiss before resuming our trip to the front door of her workplace.

To borrow an expression from Serving B's comment to my last post, it extends the roller coaster ride just a little longer, and it will make the wait for the next ride just a little bit shorter.

And it makes you wonder... once fall and winter come along, if you go into a public venue with, let's say 200 people, how many might be there be with locked leather collars or locked leather cuffs or eternity-type collars/bracelets/anklets or with locked chastity devices on?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best Costume Ever (S)

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share this photo. I LOVE this duck! I have seen the little SUB-a-dub-dub rubber ducky in several adult stores and yet have never broken down and purchased it. We always seem to spend our allotted playtime money on more "interactive" pieces for our toy box so I am certainly not complaining. However, someday I know I will make this duck mine...just as I did my Dymion.

Collar stories - 1 (E)

Artwork courtesy of Lunar Black

Just before she leaves for work, my Goddess comes back to the bedroom to unlock and remove the locking leather collar I wear overnight, and in fact, wear most of the time when we are both at home alone.

I sit cross-legged in bed, and she comes up on the bed behind me, on her knees. I feel her aiming the key for keyhole, and opening the lock. That opening click is as sad a moment for each of us as the closing click in the evening creates almost a full-body tingle.

My Goddess removes the lock, places it on the bed next to us, and begins unbuckling the collar. As she begins to tell me that I forgot to take care of something for her yesterday, she pulls on each end of the now unbuckled collar, tightening it around my neck. She increases the tension as she continues her sentence, restricting evermore my breathing with every word.

Flashbacks come streaming into my mind at breakneck speed as that feeling of surrender takes over my mind and my body. Scenes and moments of control and bondage and breath play and isolation and immobility and dominance and submission... Hanging in our little make-shift dungeon... immobilized in bondage for the night... tied down for paddling... or for her strap-on...

She lets go of the collar as she ends her sentence and her chastising.

I'm as shocked at having forgotten to take care of that for her as I'm suprised at the unexpected breath play. The slip of mind was relatively minor, and my Goddess' reaction was mainly playful evilness.

It was one of those spur-of-the-moment inspired actions that can only come out of an environment where D/s is ever-present, flows freely, and anything is possible at any time.

I just would have enjoyed it more if it wouldn't have been the result of me forgetting something for her...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking what she wants (E)

Image courtesy of Anais and the Ninja

I can't express how much I love it when my Goddess takes what she wants from me.

This evening, we're both lying in bed. She's about to turn over to go to sleep, I'm still working on my laptop. She reaches over to grab the central D-ring on my leather collar, and she pulls me in for her good night kiss.

She doesn't release the hold... we kiss for a few minutes... tenderly, passionately, lovingly. I hold my upper body up on one elbow, and use the other hand to caress her soft skin all over. We never have enough of each other when we kiss, but eventually, she lets go of the collar. We break off the kissing delicately. She turns over, and pulls the covers over herself. I help arrange the covers a bit. And then, she's asleep.

The taking of the affection she needs... an expression of her dominance in its simplest form...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haunting smoking fetish moments & flashbacks (E)

Image from Smoking Femme Fatale

I'm sitting on the floor, holding the ashtray for my Goddess. I lit her cigarette and gave it to her. I'll be holding the ashtray for her until she's done. She's looking down on her pet with affection, but also with a sense of control... power... ownership... For all the mystique of a beautiful woman who makes smoking sexy, who makes you weak in the knees while she does it, there nothing quite like being in a position to look up at her while she is doing it...

* * * * *

My Goddess reaches over and pulls me in close to her by the chain she keeps locked around my neck at all times. She reaches up to me, like she's going to kiss me. She locks lips with me. She makes sure our lips are tightly sealed. She exhales the smoke of her cigarette. I can feel her dominance rise like the phoenix over the horizon. She's in a mood. I will be subject to much more later on.

* * * * *

The nipple rings were really, REALLY hurting. I'm pretty good with NT, including a variety of nipple clamps, pins, and clips, but these pressure rings were really tight. I didn't know if I could go 10 minutes with them. My Goddess got 15 out of me. Then she knew by my reactions they had to come off. She asked me if I wanted them off. Unusual for me, I said yes. At that point, she said she would take them off... after her next cigarette. The mix of the subspace, the pain, the control, and her smoking was totally overwhelming. And I wasn't sure anymore I wanted her to finish quickly...

* * * * *

I'm in bondage on the bed, immobile. Feet cuffed and locked into a stretcher at the foot of the bed. Wrists and cuffed and locked and tied to headboard of the bed. Sight taken away by a blindfold. Other senses heightened by the bondage and the loss of seeing what is going on. My Goddess sits next to me, and blows smoke in my face. It is but the first part of what may come. Forced inhales? Heat play? Nipple torture? Forced smoking? Often it is all of them.

* * * * *

My Goddess returns to check in on me. I've been hanging in the closet during the time she was in the shower. Blindfolded, on my knees, with my wrists cuffed and locked to the high rack above my head. After even just a few minutes in isolated bondage, I can feel the warmth of her body and the aura of her dominance as she opens the door. She runs her nails over my skin, pulls on my hair, lifts my chin up to give me a kiss. She lights a cigarette. Teases me with it. Again, I don't know quite what she'll be in the mood for... could be forced inhales... heat play... nipple torture... forced smoking... it all depends on how much time she has before she leaves for work

* * * * *

We spend the evening over a board game... in the only way my Goddess will allow it... with me in bondage. She loves to see me naked for hours with my wrists bound together, and with my ankles bound together. She loves to see me struggling to throw a dice, place a tile, or pick-up a card. She loves to watch me while I hobble along slowly to get her a drink or get her a snack during the time of the game. She especially loves to watch me fumble to reach for the cigarettes, and light them when she says it's time. Later on, the game ends, she stands, and I move to all fours to prepare to stand up. She stops me. I sit back on my ankles. She stands over me. She pulls on my hair, snapping my head back. She's still holding her cigarette, and the ash is lenghtening. Will she or won't she...

Image courtesy of Code 831

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The right stuff... at the wrong time (E)

Artwork courtesy of Men in Pain, via Dishevelled Domina

I pulled down the laptop to the floor to show my Goddess something. I laid down in front of the computer, on my belly and elbows, and expected her to lie down next to me, in the same position, to look at what I wanted to show her.

She came over, unexpectedly sat on my lower back, laid down her torso along my back, extended her legs over mine, and looked over my shoulder on one side. Her hands went down to my sides. Her weight pinned me down, leaving me unable to move, vulnerable, one of our favorite positions for play.

I wanted to close my eyes. I wanted her to reach over with her hands, her fingers, her nails, and reach under my shirt, to the front, to tease, torment, and torture my nipples. I wanted her to sit back upright while she was doing NT and start grinding her hips against my lower back as she began to get excited by my moans, my squirming, my trying to escape her without really wanting to be successful. I wanted her to hurt me until she climaxed. I wanted her to...


We were spending a quiet evening with family, and some were present in the living room when I had something interesting to show my Goddess. I was very taken aback when she positioned herself over me. I really thought she'd come right next to me on the floor. Of course, she could not engage in the course of action that naturally ensues when she takes up the position that she did.

Of course, I did not close my eyes, nor did she do any NT, and no, she did not reach climax.

Just an exceedingly affectionate moment in the eyes of those who don't know.

Twenty-four hours later, I'm still having flashbacks to what wasn't. Today was too busy for us, we came back too late, and we were too tired, to follow up on this. Just the usual daily rituals and D/s dynamics for today. And so the hunger grows more consuming...

Now that was torture... and not of the hot, subspacey, D/s kind.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A little time of our own - part 2 (E)

Artwork courtesy of Cruella via Dishevelled Domina

If you haven't read
part one, go do it now... this is the continuation of the same evening...

Bound, senses taken away, lost in subspace, I can feel my Goddess' dominance radiating and reaching me in an almost tangible way. I can hear the syren song of her power in every word she says... every gesture she makes... every action she takes...

She leaves me alone bound and immobile for a minute, and returns shortly. She begins to tease my nipples, moves down for some CBT, and comes back to the nipples more forcefully. I actually don't hear her light her cigarette, but it was clear that she had when I felt her first exhale is directed to my face. Subspace just keeps getting deeper. Her next drag comes right to my mouth as she grabs the central D-ring of my collar to make sure I don't move as her mouth covers mine. Some smoking play follows... forced inhales... forced smoking... punctuated by my Goddess doing some cigarette torture, tormenting my nipples with the tip of her lit cigarette. I try to stay still for her, despite the occasional searing heat approaching one nipple, and then the other, between breathing in her exhales, and some forced smoking. As she hits on so many smoking fetish buttons, I have vivid flashbacks running through my mind of imagery of her smoking, exhaling, and handling a cigarette at other times, when I could see her.

Winding down somewhat, my Goddess does not want to close out such powerful time together without leaving us both with something to remember... m

We both love markings, each for our own reasons. Playful and full of symbolism, even the temporary nature of the playful markings my Goddess will apply on me can make for some powerful emotions during play. They reinforce the dynamics of our everyday life. And they are vivid reminders for days after.

This time, it is a chain of roses around my right upper arm. A heart on the right side of my chest. And an "S" for Selena on my... member. As she applies it, she reminds me that it belonged to her anyways. And that I belonged to her.

Yes it does, my Love... and yes I do...

Friday, October 8, 2010

A little time of our own - part 1 (E)

Artwork courtesy of http://snail.meilk.com/ via Lunar Black

Three evenings ago... Where to start... I'm not sure...

I'm not even sure how it started... in what order things happened... if I'm remembering everything...

Deep, deep subspace. Intoxicated, infatuated, entranced. Totally under her spell. And it made us both so happy.

A leather blindfold is placed over my eyes. My Goddess tells me to get on all fours on the bed. A few seconds later, the first sharp and stingy strikes of the latex flogger comes down on my backside... on the back of my thighs... on my lower back... on the side on my thighs... Maybe two dozen strokes later, my Goddess switches to the swatters. Both of them. Double-swats, consecutive swats, up-and-down-and-all-around my backside. Then she switches again. This time to a suede flogger. Or did she do this one before the swatters? Can't tell anymore. She's going at it, at me, pretty vigorously. But she complains that it doesn't seem to have as much of an effect on me as she as she'd like. It does. On so many levels, it does. I'm just trying my best to hang in there to let my Goddess enjoy herself. I've lost count. Her target areas feel warm. There a stinging echo that lasts beyond one strike to blend into the next one. I'm drifting in subspace...

I realize she stopped well after the last strike of the purple suede flogger.My Goddess orders me to lie on my back. She clips my wrist cuffs to the D-rings on my locked collar. It's one of those very open and somewhat awkward positions that leaves me very vulnerable. She also clips my ankle cuffs together. Still blinfolded, I suddenly pick-up the delightful smell of her skin next to my nose. Close. Very close. I feel something touch my lips. It's one of her nipples. I reach out with my tongue and wet the tip. She leaves it there. Slowly I run my tongue around her the nipple and over it. She lowers her breast. I have no choice but to take in part of it in my mouth. I keep gently licking the nipple. She lowers her breast even more, and it now covers my mouth completely and part of my nose. My breathing can be heard as the air is funneled through smaller openings. She lowers her breast still more, and pinches my nose shut with her fingers. My tongue is working around the nipple in my mouth frantically. At the same time, I try to relax. I've surrendered completely to her. She's in total control. After a certain amount of time (10 seconds? 15? 30?) that I can't even begin to try to guess, she lifts her chest up and I take in a huge breath.

Leaving me just the time for four or five breaths, my Goddess returns to my mouth with her other breast. She lets me tease the nipple a bit, lowers the breast, I lick more forcefully, and then she drops her chest to cover my mouth and part of my nose again. After a few seconds of my tongue playing with her nipples, once more she pinches my nostrils shut, just in case her breast was not enough (it was). Can't breathe through either my mouth or my nose. She keeps me without breathing longer this time. Waiting until I just start to struggle to breathe, she says in a haughtily playful tone, "There are worse ways to die..." And then, she releases her hold on my breath.

To be continued...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Of collars and bondage, and ownership and belonging (E)

"Dominate Your Man Today" by Horus-Goddess

Over the weekend, 36 uninterrupted hours of wearing the locked leather collar... around the home, and on two errands outside the home. I intoxincatingly belonged to my Goddess...

An evening with my wrists and ankles bound, entertaining my Goddess... playing board games, watching television, doing whatever little thing she required of me. And after all the time we've been together, My Goddess' mischevious smile and her sense of enjoyment watching me hobble around the house has never diminished...

I spent overnight sleeping in bondage next to my Goddess... Limited in my movements, which inevitably kept me in various positions of contact with her. Couldn't get away... Didn't want to get away...

This morning, my Goddess removed my leather collar and the four locked cuffs before leaving for work, she told me she expected the house to be straightened out and significantly neater when she returned. Nothing makes cleaning up around the house as enjoyable as when my Goddess is expecting it, and will notice it.

As a side note, the arrival of the cooler weather is delightfully promising of more frequent, but discreet, outdoors kinky play. Jackets, fleeces, and sweaters are great to hide the locked leather collar during daytime errands or excursions with my Goddess; occasionally, the locked wrist cuffs may also be on. The return of long pants will have my Goddess locking ankle cuffs before I leave for work.

The warmth under the leather. The texture and the firmness of the leather. The ungiving of the secure locks. The restraints of the clips and ties. Sensuality... exchange of power... dominance and submission... vulnerability and trust... control, and surrender... belonging and ownership... Each from our particular position, we so enjoy these little moments full of symbolism and excitement.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sexy interlude: view from the bottom (E)

Artwork courtesy of Thou Shall Love Thy Mistress

Little did I know my Goddess was planning to write about our "Sexy Interlude" from a few evenings ago. This entry will give you the opportunity to contrast the same interlude from her dominant perspective and from mine.

I thought I was just returning to the bedroom to go to sleep. But my Goddess was in matching bra and panties, lying on her stomach, watching something on her computer. And she looked stunningly sexy.

On my way to getting next to her to see what she was watching, I grabbed the locking leather collar from the dresser so that I could offer it to her, as is our nightly ritual. She took the collar, placed it around my neck, locked it, and grabbed the front D-ring to pull me closer for a kiss.

We kept on kissing passionately for a minute or two. She smelled so good... her lips were so soft... her body was so warm... and having her next to me felt so good.

Bringing our kissing to a gentle stop, my Goddess softly but firmly told me to get her a blindfold. I went into our toy bag, and brought a leather blindfold back to her quickly. She put it on me, she told me to lie back, and she positioned me exactly as she wanted.

My Goddess got up, and took a few steps away from the bed. I heard her rummage through some stuff, and shortly after I felt the cool softness of rope going around my lower legs. She looped the rope about half-a-dozen times, and bound my ankles in a column tie. I then felt some tension on my legs as she tied the ends of the rope to something heavy past the foot of the bed, likely the dresser standing against the opposing wall.

As soon as my legs were secured, I felt my Goddess move up to tie my wrists with a very soft fabric, and place my hands over my head in a firm enough manner that I knew I was not to move them until such a time she told me I could.

Finally, she sat on top of my hips, and began to rub herself against me, and gyrate, in a most suggestive manner, getting me very excited and erect. She also began teasing and hurting my nipples, and as I was reacting to her NT, she became even more turned on herself. In no time at all, she lifted her hips, grabbed my member firmly, and lowered herself on it, and on me, and resumed her movements. Bound and very limited in movements, I could only lay back and enjoy the ride as my Goddess used me as she wanted, satisfying simultaneously her sexual urges and her need to hurt me.

Her first orgasm came quickly. Her post-orgasm trembling sent a powerful shudder through my body, but that was all I was going to get for now. She moved off me for a few moments and focused more on some sadistic teasing, running her nails deeply over my chest and my sides.

Rapidly my moans and my gentle squirming got her excited again, and she mounted me a second time. The NT was more intense this time, and as I moved more forcefully against the bondage, she came to a huge climax a second time, just barely taking more time than for the first one.

My Goddess leaned and rested over me. I could feel her chest heaving against mine, her breathing heavy and quick, and her heart racing. I can't express how satisfying it is to bring pleasure to my Goddess, even in a small way.

Once she recovered somewhat, my Goddess laid on the side next to me. One hand supporting her head, her body alongside mine, she began on CBT with her left hand, and moved back and forth between the CBT and some NT for a minute of two. She explained to me that she expected me to provide myself with an orgasm for her own enjoyment. And then she released my wrists from bondage.

This was a new position for me. On my back, legs tied tight, blindfolded, I hesitated for a moment. She said in a deliciously dominant voice, "You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?"

I began to touch myself as my Goddess returned more vigorously to torturing my nipples with her left hand, one side at a time. Each 30 seconds or so she would focus her efforts on one of the nipples, and then return to the other. After a few minutes of this, she dug her nails, and twisted and tortured the left nipple, and she brought her head close to my chest to begin biting the right one. Moans became whimpers, which excite her to no end. She squeezed harder on the left, bit down harder on the right, and with a loud whimper coming from deep inside, I absolutely exploded, uncontrollably shooting cum all over my stomach and her right hip and upper thigh.

The climax felt like it would never end. I couldn't help but to continue moving my left hand up and down until the intense waves of pleasures faded completely, and my Goddess had released my nipples from her delightful torment.

Totally spent, I just laid there, catching my breath, as I felt my Goddess leaning over my side, positively radiating in satisfaction and dominance, proud of her improvised little interlude that was such powerful release for both of us.