"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New "moments of indescribable hotness" (E)

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One of the truly extraordinary things about a growing and deepening relationship is that there are always new things, new moments, new actions, and new gestures that come up to simultaneously cement the relationship, and bring it to new heights.

Back a few months ago, my Goddess and I had a set of three posts listing "moments of indescribable hotness", and a few more of those moments have come up in the past weeks that have marked me, so as I still obsess over them, I thought it would be a good time to add to the list. In no particular order...

1- My Goddess has gotten into the habit of occasionally playing with the padlock that keeps my leather collar locked around my neck. Feeling her play with it, feeling a small tug, hearing the sound that it makes, reminds me of the powerful symbolism behind me wearing it at all times when we are together in private. My submission and subservience and belonging to her... her ownership of me... that as long as she wants me to wear the collar, locked, she never wants to let me go... and I offer it to her each day because I never want to leave her.

2- My Goddess' handling of the lock has also been playing a role in our play. She has been using it as an element of control as she reaches for it during my sexual servitude to her. Grabbing the lock behind my collar and pulling on it, it serves as reins for whatever we are doing, and it also introduces an element of light breath play when my Goddess is more forceful. Both uses are very powerful in controlling the pace, intensity, and timing of my sexual servitude to her, and in the control of my release, when she deems it is time for it.

3- Going shopping with my Goddess. A few weeks ago, we went shopping together because my Goddess needed a few new pieces for work. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve, in a subtle manner, in a public setting. Waiting on her... carrying her bags... providing feedback when asked... running out to get items in different sizes... waiting obediently for her to come out to display outfits for feedback... The ultimate moment came when one of the sales associates, a young, pretty woman, discreetly commented to my Goddess upon my pleasant, patient, and helpful behavior, and my Goddess shared those comments with me with an obvious sense of pride and satisfaction.

4- Going shopping with my Goddess (2). During that same shopping trip, in the same store the sales associate made the comment to my Goddess, at one point the sale associate brought my Goddess a stunning pair of high-heel shoes. I hadn't noticed her bringing in the shoes with all the going back-and-forth, but I was floored when my Goddess came out of the dressing room wearing them, along with some stunning black slacks and a beautiful shirt and sweater combo. See my Goddess walk around in them stirred up a myriad of emotions, flashbacks, and images, and it was all I could do to not throw myself at her in full submission mode in public. We ended up buying several pieces of clothing... and the shoes.

5- Our morning ritual has grown over time to include me gently kissing my Goddess' feet for a few minutes before she gets out of bed. This tender moment of sensual adoration and worship becomes overwhelmingly exciting when I hear the gentle moans she makes as I kiss each one of her toes and the top of her feet several times, with my head under the blankets.

6- Last night, after some particularly intense sexual servitude, my Goddess had had her hunger quenched for the moment, and as she was recovering from slowly from several climaxes, she suddenly had the urge to have a cigarette. With a smile, but with an unusually stern tone, she looked at me and said: "On the floor! Now! Crawl over to the other side!", where I usually light her cigarettes and hold the ashtray for her. OMG... as much as sexual servitude will bring me deep into subspace, I think I must have dropped another dozen notches when she barked those orders at me.

7- Absolutely any time my Goddess tells me I'm going to spend the night in bondage... and then does it. How can I describe the feeling of being bound next my Goddess, totally in her control, totally vulnerable, because she wants me there without fail? Both the announcement, and the anticipation it creates, the actual action of being placed in bondage (an especially enthralling image is when she straddles my chest to tie my hands to the headboard of the bed), and then falling asleep in bondage with my Goddess laying partly over me, are just mind-blowing.

Well... that's it for now. There are more, of course, and the previous "moments of indescribable hotness" are as hot as ever, if not hotter, but I wanted to share a few of those new moments that have come into our lives.


  1. You're right...it all sounds so hot! I guess one thing that might make it even hotter is instead of "holding" the ashtray...you "become" the ashtray! Open your mouth!

  2. mosthandysub,

    That's a very hot scene indeed!

    Thanks for dropping by, and for your thoughts.

    Your first time leaving a comment, if I'm not mistaken... welcome to our blog!