"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part 2: Impact testing (E)

Artwork courtesy of Sardax based on a portrait of Madame Ingrid

After finishing smoking, my Goddess unclipped the leather wrist cuffs from the top of the headboard of the bed, and untied my leather ankle cuffs from the footboard of the bed. She ordered me to get on all fours, on the bed, and while I still had my hands and feet bound, and remained blindfolded, I felt her get off the bed, and walk toward the foot of the bed.

Drifting heavily in subspace from the wax play, I stood on the bed, on knees and elbows, my mind clear, awash in the dominant mood of my Goddess, when I felt the first strokes of the crop on my backside. Sharp, loud strokes landed cleanly as she took us into the next part of our scene.

I was so lost into the moment that I had no idea what the stroke count was. At least half-a-dozen, maybe a dozen, until my Goddess switched out to the purple cane. Within a few strokes with the latter, I broke into a very light sweat, the usual sign that the pain from caning or paddling is taking me into another level of pain/pleasure and mindspace. My Goddess teasingly cooed that she is so terrible with the whole warm-up thing... she just doesn't have patience for it...

Another few strokes of the hard cane came down before my Goddess switched out once more, this time to the traditional springy cane. While not as heavy a feeling as the hard cane, the blows from this one were sharper, had a little more sting. She continued to enjoy my reactions of a little squirming, loud exhales, and trying to relax between the blows. I so wanted to take what she was dishing out because of the vibes of sadistic and dominant enjoyment I was feeling from her. I wanted to make her happy, I wanted to be her toy to do with as she pleased, I wanted to be there for anything that she wanted me to do. I didn't want her to stop... ever...

My mental submissive frenzy met reality sooner than later when one of her strokes just overwhelmed me and dropped me to my side. The impact shook my body, but I tried to get back to my position as quickly as I could. During that time, my Goddess reached over to grab the larger hard paddle, and started up on my backside with that one, a bit more gently at the beginning, as if to find her aim. And then she dropped me again.

Was that glee I was feeling coming from her? Was that giggling I was hearing? Laughing? I couldn't tell. And yet, the sadistic mood was impossible to miss, the energy impossible to ignore. I was lost in her dominance, lost in her power, vulnerable to anything she wanted, and I would do anything to give my Goddess everything she wanted.

I didn't really realize it at the time, but my Goddess continued switching back-and-forth between the two kinds of canes and the hard paddle... just a few strokes of each... continually increasing the intensity bit by bit. And then, she asked me to help her out with some comparison testing. I had to tell her which ones of the strokes hurt more...

First, she came down with a hard stroke from the hard violet cane. Once more the impact had me roll out of position, the shock running throughout my body. Even if I would not have been able to get back up, I had to... I couldn't let my Goddess down in the middle of her test. Next came a hard stroke with the regular cane. Again, I failed to maintain my position. The pain was radiating through my body from the spot where it had landed. Again I got up into position on my elbows and knees. Finally, a huge blow from the hard paddle landed... it shook my entire body to the core... it took me a few seconds to even realize I was laying on my side.

I didn't have to say anything... My Goddess had her answer. I wasn't even capable of getting back up immediately, and before the waves coursing through my body started to dissipate sufficiently for me to attempt getting back into position, my Goddess laid a hand on my hip to keep me down. Her appetite was sated... for now...

She came down next to me, gently caressing her pet in appreciation of the moments of pleasure I had provided her. After a few minutes of close and warm contact, as the fog of subspace slowly began to lift, my Goddess unclipped my wrist cuffs and my ankle cuffs, and made sure I was on my way to recovery. Another minute or two later, she removed my blindfold, and the incredible sights of her shining eyes and her wickedly beautiful smile fell upon me, and I moved in closer for her to hold me tighter.

My Goddess left the locked wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, along my the locked collar, of course, on me throughout the course of the evening, through my usual domestic service (dinner, dishes, laundry, relaxation) and overnight, until I needed to get ready for work in the morning.

Total dominance, total ownership, total submission, total belonging... Within our intensely passionate love for each other. The most incredible feelings I could imagine...

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