"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Prince is at Work (S)

Artwork courtesy of
Flat Earth Social Club

I am sitting at home alone. Bummer. I miss my dymion. Usually at this point he is making me a drink, lighting my cigarette, letting me vent about my day. I can see him sitting beside me with his locked collar while rubbing my feet. I am spoiled, I admit! Why, oh why, did he have to work late. A Goddess should never have to be without her boy.

So, now I guess I just have to use my imagination. If he was here what would I do? Well, of course I would take part in the rituals listed above. Then we would have dinner and then... hmmm.... let me think...

I think I would take him to the bedroom, make him remove all his clothes and kneel in front of me. I would lift his head gently and give him a kiss before placing the blindfold over his beautiful eyes. Then I would make him position himself on all fours on the bed. I really like our new purple cane (mentioned in one of his previous posts). It is a lot of fun. I could take a few shots and make him count... maybe up to 24... I like 24. I would start out slow and then surprise him with a few fast, hard hits. He would shake and sweat a bit... make a few sounds... love those sounds! Finally on that 24th hit I would swing as hard as I could to watch him fall flat on the bed. That always gets me completely hot.

Now it's time to roll him over and tie his hands to the headboard. I would get the spreader bar out, too, so he couldn't squirm too much. That is when the NT begins... one of my favorite things. I love his facial expressions and the attempts to get away... and I absolutely go crazy if I can get him to whimper... so hot. At that point I would hope I would have him pretty excited... teetering on subspace, but erect for my pleasure.

I would allow him to enter my body as I begin to slowly move on top of him. NT would continue. He would have no control of the pace... I could do whatever I want. That immobility and the freedom to do as I please for as long as I please...oh yeah...really hot.

When I am done with him I would release his feet from constraint and allow his arms to rest at his sides. No climax for my prince right now... maybe later tonight or in the morning. Right now, I want him to yearn for it... ache for me. I will lay by his side while he is still blindfolded and allow him to caress my body as we calm our souls and slow our trembling. Then we would peacefully escape into blissful sleep.

Oh, if only he was here. But it is officially my weekend now... I think I can probably fit this scenario in really, really soon along with other mindblowing scenes to make our time away from work simply magical.


  1. I just cannot express what effect reading this at work had on me. I don't ever recall having subspace coming over me like this from something I read.

    Good thing I only had some administrative work to do... Hot... hot... hot...


  2. nothing like bringing a fantasy to life. Enjoy.

  3. sh,

    It got a little late that evening by the time I came back, and we were pretty wasted from a hard week of work, but we caught up on the pent up D/s tension over the weekend...