"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NT - Variations on a theme (E)

Artwork courtesy of Flat Earth Social Club

By now, it should be obvious that NT is one of our favorite BDSM activities. Its availability, its ease, its range of intensity, the instant reactions... it is a great control tool for my Goddess, and a source of wonderful pain/pleasure for me.

There is no doubt that my nipples are one of my erogenous zones. The manipulation of few other areas on me can get me turned-on as fast or as hard as nipple play. They are simultaneously one of my most sensitive areas, and by now, one of the most tolerant to heavy play. NT for me is a combination of eroticism and dominance/submission, incredible excitement and pleasure, and near instant subspace from the pain.

For my Goddess, NT is erotically exciting as a source of some of her favorite reactions from me... moaning, squirming, facial expressions, total submission, and of course, the whimper. NT is an art in which she can express her moods, from tenderness to sexyness to harsh dominance and control. She can turn me on or make me beg for mercy. She can get me excited or send me into subspace.

NT can be the appetizer, the main course, or the dessert... and often it is all three.

My Goddess inflicts NT on me with her fingers, her nails, and her teeth. She can (and does) use clamps, clips, rings, or clothespins. And when she feels particularly evil, she can use wax, the tip of a cigarette, or some ice. I can be in bondage or completely unfettered, and I can be standing, kneeling, or lying down. My Goddess can be sitting on my stomach, sitting on my lower back, sitting or lying next to me, and standing in front of me or behind me.

And of course, NT is an integral part of any lovemaking we have.

With the generalities out of the way, here are a few of my favorite scenarios, positions, and predicaments, in no particular order, when NT happens...
  1. I'm lying on the floor or on the bed, on my stomach, often watching television or playing board games with my Goddess, and she comes over to sit on my lower back. She reaches under my chest for NT, and I am completely trapped, pinned under her weight and held in place by her legs. More than once my Goddess has reached climax from this scene.
  2. I'm on my knees, my Goddess is standing before me, and I look up to see the sheer look of delight and dominance on her face as she takes hold of my nipples and proceeds to do some NT, looking down on me to watch my reactions. Occasionally, she will stand behind me, and bring her head down next to mine as she does NT, and I smell the sweet fragrance of her body and hair as my head falls back against her shoulder and my face gets lost in her beautiful hair.
  3. I'm lying on the bed, in bondage or not, and my Goddess is lying next to me. She will reach over to one nipple with a hand, and bite the other nipple with her teeth.
  4. My Goddess orders me to put nipple rings on (ours are very intense, and I can only have them on for very brief periods of time), she tells me to lie on the floor next to her sitting on the bed, orders me to light cigarettes for both of us, and I have to wear the rings during the time it takes us to smoke. There is often a small service that I must do for her before or after we smoke that will lengthen the duration of the NT.
  5. I'm lying on the bed or on the floor on my back, in bondage or not, my Goddess is sitting on my stomach, and she looks down on me to watch with my reactions to the NT with evil, dominant delight as I am pinned beneath her and held in place by her legs. Another scene in which my Goddess has reached climax often.
  6. I'm on my knees with my hands bound to a structure above my head in our little makeshift dungeon in one of our closets. Often blindfolded, and left in isolation for short periods of time, my Goddess comes in to play with her toy, and her hands, her teeth, clothespins, wax, and light heat play is usually on the agenda.
  7. I'm sitting on the floor, often in some form of bondage, at my Goddess' feet while she's in a comfortable chair, as we watch a movie. It's often a BDSM movie, either because we were in the mood, or it put us in the mood. She will reach over me for some NT, usually part of many other activities to happen over the course of a longer scene. Because of the play and heavy subspace, I rarely catch the end of those movies...
NT... a source of pleasure, pain, dominance, submission, erotic excitement, expression, climax, belonging, ownership... and occasionally some blood or a little bruising... definitely of our favorite BDSM play... and she is so damn good at it...

PS: The signature on the superb artwork I used had been cropped out on the image as I found it. If you are the artist of this beautiful piece, or you know who did it, and you can give me a link, I will be more than happy to provide the appropriate credit.

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