"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New toys - part 2 (E)

Artwork courtesy of
Flat Earth Social Club

I tried to get back into position as quickly as I could, the waves from the last stroke of the cane reverberating through my body. Fallen off to the side, hands twisted in the bondage, blindfolded and disoriented, it was more challenging to get back to my knees while drifting in subspace than it would normally have been.

My Goddess went around to the other side of the bed, and teased me by exhaling the smoke from her cigarette in my direction, sometimes from the side, sometimes from underneath. Leaving me hanging, she took her time smoking, and didn’t give me any sense of timing or what came next.

What did come next was my Goddess releasing my hands from the headboard, unclipping the leash from my C & B restraint, and ordering me on all fours. Deep into subspace, I had flashbacks from what had just happened going through my mind, phantom sensations coming back to me again and again.

In the background, without my realization of it, my Goddess was prepping her strap-on. She closed in with her fingers to lube my anal passage, getting a small gasp from me, and she gently covered her objective deeply and thoroughly, plunging me further into subspace. Uncontrollably, I started to moan from deep within my body, and I was desperate for more as she pulled out to finish her preparation.

My Goddess climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself as she lowered my backside to her liking. Gently at first, I felt the tip of her strap-on press against me. In those beginning moments, she pushed delicately and firmly until I relaxed enough for the first breakthrough. I could feel myself wanting to get hard, but that had been made impossible by the C & B restraint I was wearing. The strain of my bound genitals only accentuated my surrender as my Goddess rhythmically pushed in and out, each time pushing in a little further. I felt her will, her dominance even more strongly with each thrust, with each movement, and the power-eroticism built up until I had been taken completely by her.

The relative gentleness of the penetration was tossed away once I had relaxed at full penetration, and my Goddess got herself into a groove, faster, harder, deeper. A few slaps on my backside, some scratching along my back, a bite or two as she leaned over me, and we headed toward uncontrolled terminal velocity. The gradual crescendo of her dominance and pleasure gave way to more chaotic and erratic movement as her moans became louder than mine, she pulled in on my hips on every thrust, and eventually reached a huge climax.

Briefly, my Goddess slumped over me as we both recovered from her orgasm. I could feel the warmth and wetness from her body against my backside, and the wetness from my penis inside its leather cage. She sat back, pulling out the strap-on, and ordered me not to move. As soon as the strap-on had been removed, my Goddess took another dildo, and filled me up again as she got comfortable to pleasure herself. Both of us already at the summit of excitement, the crescendo was much shorter as she increased the intensity of the anal play and reached another climax on her own.

After both of us recovered from that peak, my Goddess ordered me to lie on my side, and she sat up against my stomach at a 90-degree angle. Still blindfolded, I began caressing her soft skin along her legs, back, shoulders, and arms. I could still feel her trembling, but I could also sense that her hunger was not yet sated. I could feel it in her vibes, in her energy, in her movements. Gradually my fingers moved to the inside of her hips, a delightful little spot inside the hip bone that must be one my Goddess’ favorite erogenous zones. Definitely she wanted more, she needed more, and I was more than happy to serve her in this need. Her own excitement and responses to sexual pleasure are so magical for me. Just one more thing I just can’t get enough of with her. I moved my fingers over, and within a matter of just a few minutes, my Goddess had had two more orgasms.

By the time we were done, I was deep in subspace, I had been taken by my Goddess, I was still having flashbacks from the caning with our new toy, I had felt the incredible energy from her sexual pleasure, and I was lying next to her close, warm, and totally, totally hers.

It just doesn’t get any better…

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