"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new ritual (E)

Artwork courtesy of Flat Earth Social Club

My Goddess and I have a number of rituals that take place during the course of the day. Some of them happen at very specific moments of the day in terms of time, such as our morning rituals, and others will happen in a more circumstancial manner, such as when we get back home for a day's work.

These rituals are both powerful in their symbolism, and effective in creating and maintaining the mood and the energy of the D/s flow of our relationship. They are gestures of service, respect, and/or worship on my part, and reinforcement of my Goddess' role and power on hers.

Several of the moment-specific rituals happen first thing in the morning, every morning. On weekday mornings, the routine mainly goes like this:
  • I wake up 5-10 minutes before my Goddess;
  • I prepare her coffee;
  • I get back to the bedroom;
  • I turn on the television at a favorite channel;
  • I wake her up gently;
  • I offer the coffee to her;
  • I sit on the floor next to her side of the bed;
  • I light her cigarette and hand it to her;
  • I hold her ashtray;
  • during smoking time, we chat about how we slept, and what's coming up during the day;
  • once we are done smoking, I draw her bath;
  • while she is finishing her coffee, I turn on any appliance she requests for the care of her hair;
  • and finally, I offer my Goddess to help with anything that might make her preparation for the new day faster and easier.
Recently, a new ritual has taken its place in our routine. About two weeks ago, out of the blue, just after smoking time and before going off to draw my Goddess' bath, I was inspired to kneel at the side of the bed and I started to gently kiss her feet. Tender little kisses... many tender little kisses... one for each toe... and back again in reverse order... a dozen or so over the top of her foot... moving toward the ankle... and back with another dozen... going over her toes again... and then moving on to the other foot...

My Goddess liked that. In fact, she really liked it. So much did she enjoy it that she told me right then and there that she wanted this to become part of our morning ritual. "We have to do that every morning", she said.

Kissing my Goddess' feet. So simple... so symbolic... so sensual... so significant... so D/s... I missed it only once since, at the start of a day when we both had much on our mind, and the following morning she sternly reminded me that I had missed the previous morning. I felt terrible. There is no worse feeling than to disappoint one's Goddess.

Those few moments of kissing my Goddess' feet are so magical. They are sensual moments, when I feel the softness our her skin, and smell the sweet natural fragrance of her body and her feet. They are submissive moments, when I kneel before her to serve and bring her delicate sensual pleasure. They are moments of worship, when I pay respect and tribute to her role and her power in our relationship. They are moments of reflections, when I empty my mind and think of nothing else but how wonderful she is as my friend, my dominant, my love, and my soulmate. They are moments of excitement, when the action of kissing her feet and the sensations I get bring about flashbacks of moments, play, and scenes that we have shared recently. They are also moments of excitement when I remember other recent foot-related imagery, such as my Goddess wearing her spiked heel boots to work on a previous day.

All that during a short period of less than two minutes. But even more important, kissing my Goddess' feet has become a key part of a routine that re-establishes and maintains the order of things in our relationship each and every day. It is a ritual that confirms and reinforces my place and her place, my role and her role, my service and her acceptance of that service. It is a ritual that resets at a high level the D/s energy first thing in the morning, for the whole morning, until we need to go each our own way for our professional lives. It is a ritual that makes its mark until the time we both get back from work and pick up where we left.

A simple ritual that is so charged symbolically, simple gestures that are so meaningful and so impactful, and now, kissing my Goddess' feet every morning is a part of our D/s lives that we can't live without.


  1. Our morning rituals sound very similar. I also wake up before Her Majesty and bring her coffee in bed every morning. In the evenings I also bring her tea and on the weekends I am often seen walking up and down the stairs carrying a serving tray with various goodies on it!

    Foot worship is a central part of our relationship that we both adore. I have spent many hours lying on the floor or kneeling by the side of the bed worshiping the royal feet. It is a simple act that carries profound meaning for both of us. She often uses the royal peds to torment me and/or to bring me to orgasm which is delightful fun for both of us. She tells me that my adoration of her feet makes her feel very loved. Beneath Her Majesty's feet is where I belong!

    *Sigh!* Hmmm.. I think she may be awake. Time to bring some coffee up to the royal bed chamber! ;-)

  2. I tried that one morning, and my wife did not enjoy it. Unlike your situation, my wife limits outward signs of submission. She instead has molded me to be outward normal, but inward cowering to do her bidding. She has found she likes this approach.

    I would love to wake every morning and kiss my wife's feet as she drapes them over the side of the bed. Sucking her toes.... However, I even more enjoy her control in the relationship that says "no" to what I want.

  3. Hmp, sh,

    Thank you both for dropping him and leaving comments. Your thoughts are always aprreciated and enjoyed.

    hmp... I'm glad you can relate. Foot worship is a delicate and wonderful pleasure for both my Goddess and I, and it has become a delightful addition to our morning rituals.

    sh... I'll say it again... you are a good man having found such happiness in what I consider a very spartan D/s relationship. I'm happy you've both found such profound joy in it. I must admit that one of the most extraordinary facets of our own relationship is its sensuality, and I'd have a hard time not having it present. I feel pretty needy in contrast to you...