"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bath time (E)

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I guess my sense of function or purpose makes me rather picky in how I worship my Goddess. I love footplay, and lavishing kisses all over her is very enjoyable for me, but somehow, I've never been a fan of doing those things for very long periods of time. Depending on how she reacts, or on her mood, after a few minutes I move on to other sensual pleasures for her. She may also interrupt me to ask (command?) sexual servitude, or to give the scene a totally different direction. I'm not worried for me... I'd be happy to oblige with worship in whatever way, and for however long, my Goddess would desire. I'm more worried for her... Is she getting bored past the first few minutes?

So there's something very appealing for me, and very satisfying, in giving my Goddess a bath. There's a real sense of servitude, of purpose, of tangible worship through active participation in caring for her in such a way. It's a sensual and intimate experience, full of tender touches and subtle expressions. It also brings to life a beautiful scene full of D/s symbolism... the submissive giving, working, and caring for, and the dominant receiving, enjoying, and being taken care of. Like so many things in life, maybe it's the combination of several elements that makes such moments so rich within the context of D/s: worship, making her life better/easier, providing/receiving pleasurable sensations, and servitude. And I can't forget that it's also yet another opportunity to spend some time in very close physical proximity to each other.

A bath drawn for my Goddess,
A chance to lavish care and tenderness.
Water at just the right temperature,
A favorite fragrance filling the room,
She is just magnificient laying there.
The water makes her beautiful skin glisten,
And the bubbles tantalizingly flow
Over and around sacred areas.
I kneel by the side of the tub
Almost naked with locked collar and leash,
Anxious for the honor of serving
And caring for the One I love.
Adding some body wash to the loofah,
I gently start scrubbing her left hand,
And slowly work my way to her shoulder.
I repeat the same of the right side
Before moving on to her chest and torso.
Delicately I draw small circles around
Her breasts standing out of the water,
And I move down towards her hips.
One foot, five toes, up to the knee,
Finishing up with the thigh,
One leg is done, and then I move
To the other, washing it as meticulously.
Next I wash her hair, beautiful and soft,
Massaging her scap as I run my fingers
Through her strands and around her neck,
And I'm mesmerized as she brings her head
Under the surface, her hair flowing gently
With the movement of the water.
I place a rolled up towel onto the tub edge
So she can lie her head back comfortably.
I begin to wash her face delicately,
Forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, nose,
Neck, between the mouth and nose, and ears,
Each surface distinctly soft in its own way.
Finally, the most intimate parts are left,
And they get no less attention than the rest,
No less care, and just as much gentleness.
After quick rinse under the shower,
I await my Goddess with our best towel,
Carefully but quickly drying her
So that she doesn't get cold.
The smile on her face and the kiss on my lips
Are wonderful expressions of gratitude.
What pleasure and what privilege it was
To share such tender and erotic moments,
Trying to take care of my Goddess
In such a hedonistic manner,
Attending to her comfort and health.
If only I could have time to do this for her
Every single day, it would only be
But a small gesture of worship and tribute
For all that she does, and all that she is for me.

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