"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the County Fair (S)

So, I am going to try to explain this simile in my head between my new life with dymion and the county fair. Yes, this could get ugly. I will spare you the part of the discussion about my fear of clowns or how men with unusually small hands remind me of "carnies" and thus I could never date them...a little off subject, I think, so we will skip that terrifying aspect of the county fair.

ANYWAY, you know that moment when you first make it to the fairgrounds? You see all the lights, hear the kids scream as the roller coaster goes by...smell the funnel cake...Ah, the honeymoon period...that time when it seems magical just to be part of the action! Similar to life, it is when your partner can do NO WRONG. He's sexy, charming, witty, considerate, and just a plain joy to be around. Nothing bothers you.

However, in every other relationship I have had, I knew the fair would soon leave town...they are traveling kind of folk, you know? ANYWAY, even though I currently may think them precious, I could tell what actions or habits of previous boyfriends would someday annoy me. Just as I could tell that by the end of the weekend, I would have a splitting headache from the noise and too much cotton candy and be ready to wave goodbye to the caravan as it headed to another county...I also may regret telling the bearded lady to email me anytime...oops...off topic.

BY THE WAY, I did always love the freak show...the deviant I am...I admired the uniqueness of it all and the bravery of the men, women, and children who sat proudly on display. Never thought of them as freaks or monsters...just honest. Much like the freak show experience, our bdsm lifestyle certainly adds an amount of rush to our mix, but - again - even the world's tiniest man or the goat with three heads or even lobster boy just don't shock or amuse most of us after seeing them over and over and over again! Sooner or later, you stop going if the exhibits don't change and what you found mesmerizing no longer appeals. Bummer.

ANYWAY, so dymion and I just made it to 7 months...after five months he moved in with me and my roomates...the world's tiniest, most cuddly creatures. Living together..enjoying the bdsm lifestyle 24/7...spending evey free moment in one another's presence...that is the true challenge of whether or not you can keep the butterflies going or the rides running or the world's fattest women eating...

ANYWAY...I am still not bored, not annoyed, and very into him physically and emotionally. I am amazed that this isn't a honeymoon period and this isn't the county fair that will be heading out to discover the next rural town in 48 hours...this is it....this is our life. I am so flattered that I still inspire him to write almost everyday...though I do feel a bit behind on this blog. I am so thrilled we can talk about absolutely anything.. from work.. to past relationships.. to politics.. to sex.. to bdsm.. to environmental issues..to culture.. and especially, OUR future.

So cool that I have so many roller coasters to ride, funnel cakes to eat, tractor pulls to watch, rings to toss, balloons to pop, prize winning cows to pet, and bearded ladies to exchange emails with (off subject again, I think) for many years to come.

I will end with this. When I was in college I was a pretty musical person...also pretty pessimitic about long-term relationships. I wrote a lot of songs, though I didn't share many with my band mate in fear of criticism or ridicule. ANYWAY, I wrote one about the Honeymoon Period called "Ferris Wheel." Brace yourselves...it isn't that good, but it made a lot of sense to me at the time and I think I can finally answer the question I alway posed to myself...

Relationships are like a Ferris Wheel

The ups and down have some appeal
It's scary when you get too high
But you'll hang on, do your best to try.
You know it's short...the rush will end...
But will you beg to ride again?

Yep...I'll ride this one over and over again. The fair isn't leaving "Selena County" anytime soon.

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