"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Caning before the movies (E)

Artwork courtesy of Museum of Femdom Art

It started as a quiet evening... I know, I know... famous last words. But after a nice day out with my Goddess, we returned home, my collar was placed around my neck and locked, I serve my Goddess with a variety of little requests, I prepared dinner, we ate, and then we prepared to spend some time together watching a movie on television.

As I came back to the bedroom to get comfortable with my Goddess to watch the movie, I found her standing at the door holding the rigid violet cane, swinging it in her hand. She had the most deliciously dominant smile on her face. It made my heart melt, my knees weak, and a deep feeling of submissive anticipation washed over me. I dropped to my knees, took her hands, and passionately started kissing them.

My Goddess enjoyed my submissive affection for 2 or 3 minutes, and then grabbed my hair and pulled hard on it, snapping my head back. She gave me a passionate kiss and then ordered me on the bed on all-fours. While I am always in submissive and service mode when we are in the house together, in a matter of just a few minutes, I dropped into subspace and into a mood of total surrender.

I took up my position as ordered, and my Goddess started gently caning my backside. After a dozen taps or so, she increased the pace and the intensity of the strokes, moving them around both sides. Within a few minutes, my Goddess had me deep into subspace as I tried to relax as much as possible, diving into the mental surrender to help me deal with the sensations of the caning.

I broke into a light sweat, a sign that the caning was definitely making an impact, no pun intented, on me. At one point my Goddess grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, almost making me lose contact between my hands and the bed. She told me to look into the mirror that was facing us on the wall opposite the bed. A huge wave of her dominance came crashing onto me as she forced me to look at myself in this predicament. The vision of my Goddess with the violet cane in one hand, and pulling on my hair in the other, visually demonstrating her control, her dominance, her power over me, was overwhelming. An image and feelings that will be etched in my mind forever...

My Goddess let go of my hair, and told me to start counting the strokes. 20 was today's objective, and I knew these were going to be harder than what I had received earlier. Some were hard, on some she eased up a bit, but the trend was definitely one of increasing intensity. By the eleventh one, I had trouble staying steady in position, despite the deep moans and exhales, which I know excited her tremendously, and trying to relax in my surrender. At the fifteenth, my Goddess once more grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and took the opportunity to nibble hard on my ear, whisper close to me how hot this was for her, and kiss my neck delicately a few times.

The final four strokes were, as expected, the climax of the 20, and I had a hard time staying on all-fours for any of them. I was still recovering, in position, from the trembling resulting from the twentieth stroke of the cane when my Goddess told me it was time for me to be her furniture for the movie, which was about to start. I took up my position on the bed, sitting against the pillows up next to the headboard, and my Goddess came over to sit between my legs, and lay back against my chest.

My backside was warm, itchy in some places, and pretty sensitive over all. While my Goddess made herself comfortable against me, and the feel of her skin was sublimely sensual, my mind was still drifting into the caning session as I felt its result under the weight of sitting.

The evening was beautiful, sensual, and sexy. Lost in subspace, I caressed her skin, played with her hair, and kissed her neck and shoulders. About half-an-hour into the movie, my Goddess wanted to have a massage, and I happily provided her with a long, relaxing, and sensual massage on her back, neck, shoulders, and upper backside.

Not long after that, maybe a bit past midway through the movie, my Goddess required some sexual service, and I brought her to climax twice. There would be no release for me on this evening, but deep in subspace, and still sated from the release on the previous evening, it wasn't foremost on my mind.

Before the movie ended, my Goddess had fallen asleep on me. She had turned her body about a quarter to her side, and her head was resting on my arm that went across her upper chest. Just sheer, absolute sensual bliss. There was also a sense of bondage and confinement as I didn't want to move to disturb or wake her up. It was a delightfully beautiful predicament.

Eventually, she woke up about 45 minutes later on her own to go to the bathroom, and with her permission, I took the opportunity to prepare myself for bed. I returned five minutes later, and we had a wonderfully close and cuddly sleep. By the time we woke up together this morning, it felt like we never got apart at any time.

Within a few minutes of being up this morning, flashbacks from last night were racing through my mind, putting me in a deeply submissive mood. After starting our morning rituals, including serving my Goddess her morning coffee in bed, and lighting her cigarette and sitting on the floor holding her ashtray, the residual sensitivity of my backside just augmented that submissive mood, and brought back a bit of subspace.

We spent our morning close to each other, including spending some very hot time looking at permanent collars for me. On the inside, though, throughout the course of the morning, I was hungry for my Goddess to get back to hurting me. Actually, more than hungry... close to out of control... on the verge of begging her to pull out the cane again... begging for us to do that before every movie... But I behaved, and let the flow of this morning's D/senergy take its course.

Right now, I am writing this blog entry in bed, next to my Goddess who is taking a nap. I have my locked collar on, the house leash is attached to it, and my backside is still reminding me of last night's play. But my Goddess wanted me to stay close to her while she napped, so here I am, in gentle captivity next to her, re-telling another wonderful episode of our incredible D/s relationship.

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  1. That was incredibly moving and beautiful. Such a nice reading treat for this Monday morning. Thank you!