"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Saturday, December 19, 2009

40 hours of the locked collar... (E)

Artwork courtesy of Kimberly Dow, found through Male Submission Art

It's been 40 hours since my Goddess placed and locked my collar on me.

We'll need to be out around town soon, in situations where wearing it can be risky, so it will be taken off in the next hour or so, just before I get into the shower. And I'll switch to my more discreet "mainstream" collar. But I have to say... What an absolutely magical feeling...

The thick 1-inch leather material, unyielding, ungiving, around my neck... the D-rings swaying gently about with my movements... the main frontal D-ring attached to the leash all of the time, except during sleep and our short shopping trip... the sound of the lock swinging about behind my neck on my every movement... the feeling of the control that my Goddess exerts over me... the feeling that she wants to keep me close to her... the closer, the better... the feeling that she will never want to relinquish that control...

Making myself available to her any time she tugs on the leash... being available for service and duties to her absolutely any time she desires... being available and vulnerable for her whims, wants, needs, and desires... being available and vulnerable to her dominance...

We even had a short interlude out for some shopping yesterday, where the weather allowed me to wear clothing that would hide the collar fairly well. It was actually the first time I ever had my locking collar on while out of the house with my Goddess. She couldn't resist teasing me by tugging on the lock shortly before I got out of the car to pick-up an order of food to go.

I so love displaying my love and devotion and submission and belonging to my Goddess. I so love the pride and joy my Goddess expresses in my displays of love and devotion and submission to her, and in her ownership of me. The symbolism that the locked collar carries is a reflection of our relationship, and as such, is a wonderfully tangible reminder of what we have, and what we feel for each other. And it keeps that D/s energy high, hot, and ready to boil over at any time...

PS: a note about the artwork... a beautiful painting by Kimberly Dow, which I found extremely evocative while I was looking for visuals for this post. I found it on one of my favorite sites, Male Submission Art, which is linked in our Art & Photography section. The powerful emotions that I felt from the details of the collar, the pose, and the henna tattoo, the sense of self-expression on the part of both the artist and the subject, and the sense of a moment in time in a power exchange, further etched into my soul my feelings of the last day and a half. You can find more of her work at http://www.kimberlydow.com/

PPS: A very rough week in RL... D/s energy remains high because of our 24/7 dynamics, and there's been lots of little incidental play, but our long reader-inspired scene is still to come...


  1. i have totally been there. i wore a steel collar for several years but after having someone comment on it in a knowingly way, W/we decided to remove it to be more discreet and substituted metal anklets instead that i wear 24/7. But i do miss my collar and maybe Mistress will put it back on me now the the weather allows for turtlenecks.

    Great Post! You hit it right on the head!

  2. little bitch,

    Thank you for your comments, and welcome to our blog.

    I'm happy you can relate, and from following your blog, it sounds like you've definitely been there.

    My Goddess and I have talked about the steel collar, and it may yet be in my future, although there does seem to be some challenges with it in terms of discretion relative to some of my daily activities.

    In the meantime, the locking leather collar has been permanent virtually every hour I've been at home, and this, since the very first day we've been together. And my "mainstream" collar, permanent the rest of the time. I'm proud to wear either, as circumstances allow, as a tribute to my Goddess.

    Thanks again for dropping in, and for your thoughts.


  3. Dymoin,

    What a beautiful post! Some of my favorite D/s moments have nothing to do with play and just the fact that she let me wear my collar (or left it locked on). I revel those (rare) moments, they are very poignant and powerful and bring out the best in my submission to her.

    I find myself looking forward to the kids getting older and life settling down so I can wear my collar more often and for longer times.