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-- Carl Jung

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Build our scene - part 4 (E)

Artwork courtesy of Flat Earth Social Club

Lots of catching up to do...
Integrating more comments from readers, this is what we have up to now, in the order the suggestions came in:
  1. whipping/flogging until whining and begging
  2. shaving of the pubic area while in restraints
  3. some feminine clothing
  4. hand and foot service (drawn out)
  5. release for me, but without respite in my service to my Goddess
  6. some isolation, at least an hour
  7. oral service of a cock
  8. strap-on fucking
Of course, what happens, in what order it happens, will be up to my delightfully creative Goddess. But the readers that left suggestions, Anonymous and Jason Murphee, have setup quite the scene for us. These are beautiful and powerful elements for a scene, or several scenes drawn-out over a longer period of time, that include several of our favorite activities (impact play, begging, service, being left in isolation anticipating, and strap-on), and something new we've never done.

As I sit here writing this morning, in my locked collar and leash, while my Goddess is still sleeping, my mind is racing in anticipation of when it will happen, what will happen, and how it will happen.

How far will my Goddess push the flogging? To the point of general redness? To the point of welts? To the point of bruising? Will there be some blood? If there is some blood, will I feel her tongue running over the broken skin, fulfilling her lust for tasting my blood whenever she's responsible for causing me to bleed?

How much begging will be enough for my Goddess? Will she relent the first time I break down? The third time? After I've so surrendered that I've become silent again, knowing that the begging only encourages her to go further?

The shaving in restraints scene, wherever it shows up (different logistics, and it could be a whole scene of its own), will be a new detour for both of us. My Goddess' original reaction to reading that suggestion was "I'm so doing that!", and her enthusiasm for it was as much of a turn-on for me as the idea itself. On my side, well, any thoughts of being in bondage for my Goddess is exciting. To be vulnerable and under her control is even more so. And I would expect that the lasting impact of that scene will be as powerful visual and sensory reminders of the power my Goddess has over me, and her ownership of me. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy over it already.

The hand and foot service is a defining element of our 24/7 play. I do pretty much anything and everything my Goddess asks of me at anytime of the day or night. But non-sexual service is rarely part of a BDSM scene once my Goddess gets worked up and the expression of her dominance comes out physically. Will she use this as a tool for pacing the scene and drawing it out? Will she test my ability to serve her while I'm deep in subspace? Will she challenge me to service as part of a predicament?

An interesting challenge came up in terms of my Goddess retaining full dominant control over me after my release. I can vouch for the fact that this is a non-issue. If anything, it's effortless for me to remain in subspace, and full submissive/service mode through and after release. On the other hand, at a certain depth of subspace, it's almost impossible for me to think of my own sexual fulfillment.

What will my Goddess do while I'm left bound and in isolation? Go to the next room to write a blog entry? Finish her Christmas shopping? Call up friends or family on the phone? Watch a favorite TV show?

Which one of her "cocks" will my Goddess want me to service? I know how much my Goddess loves the power and feeling of forcing me to give her head when she wears a strap-on. Will she be pulling my hair to make sure I take it deep in my mouth? Or will she be using a leash clipped to my collar? We have two dildos/strap-ons that reach inside of her, and anything I do orally provides her with almost direct stimulation. As a side note, my Goddess and I are VERY monogamous in our D/s relationship, in our love, in our sex, and in our BDSM play. And she is extremely possessive of me [a huge and proud smile came over me as I wrote that, and I can't resist to reach to tug on the lock at the back of my collar]. So the thought of bringing someone else into the scene would crash it for the two of us. But trust me when I say that when my Goddess is in the mood to have her "cock" sucked, between her attitude, her drive, and the 8.5" strap-on with clitoral stimulation she prefers, she would make absolutely any guy proud...

And finally, my Goddess taking me with her strap-on... By now, you all know how special that is to both of us. How long will it take her to reach climax? How rough or how gentle will she be? Will one climax be enough for her? Will she feel that I got enough or will she continue on with more anal play after? How much more?

I left out the feminine clothing for now... I don't know what my Goddess will do with that. I know she's not a big fan of that when it comes to me, and has never had any interest in it. And while it doesn't really matter, neither do I. I think that part of the attraction and excitement of our D/s relation for my Goddess is that I am such a man's man, physically imposing and very dominant in RL. Capturing that essence, having me, strong of character and intimidating to many, submit to her and be under her control, provides her with an even greater level of power and satisfaction. I won't promise anything on this segment...

So here I sit, still waiting for my Goddess to give my leash its first tug of the day, calling me into service to her. After writing this entry, I am even more wired than I was this morning when I woke up early and couldn't fall back to sleep because I was in one of those needy submissive moods, missing being loved and hurt and cared for and played with by my Goddess.

Much gratitude goes to Anonymous who provided many of the components of our weekend scene, and Jason Murphee for the strap-on play, front and back.

But I hear some stirring down the hall... it may be that time...

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