"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New marks for the weekend (E)

Artwork courtesy of Vaview

The weekend came upon us, and my Goddess' marks on me from the previous weekend had faded out. You'll remember from a post two weeks ago, describing the intensely powerful experience we shared when she first used a hot pink Sharpie to mark me with words and symbols of possession and ownership, of her dominance and her love, she said my body would never again be without marks or etchings from her. Well, it was time to renew them...

My Goddess ordered me to lie down on my side of the bed after she placed a blindfold on me. She placed leather cuffs around my ankles, tied my wrists to the headboard of the bed, clipped my ankle cuffs together, and clipped those to the footboard of the bed. I was bound, immobilized, and vulnerable... just like my Goddess likes me. The wave of my Goddess' dominance washing over me, and being put in bondage and prepped for what was going to follow, started me drifting in subspace as that peaceful feeling brought about by the serenity of surrender set in. My Goddess went to her side of the bed to pick-up the Sharpie, climbed over me, and straddled my hips. Before getting down to her artwork, she couldn't resist teasing, hurting, and torturing my nipples. What she did felt so incredible... erotically pleasurable, deliciously painful, sensations that hurt so much but felt so good. One of those moments that I didn't think I could take any more but didn't want her to stop.

I felt my Goddess shift of her weight as she leaned over me, and then felt the sharp tip of the Sharpie against my skin. First of the left side of my chest, and then on the right side. The whole process took just 2 or 3 minutes, but they were delightful minutes of sensual anticipation. It's always special to have my Goddess sit on or against any part of me, and being the center of her dominant attention. But I also had visions of previous artwork my Goddess had drawn on me going through my mind, and I couldn't wait to find out what she was in the mood for.

The markings were done, and as has become the custom, my Goddess took a break to have a cigarette while she enjoyed her artwork. Her smoking time also included teasing me with her smoke, and a little bit of heat play with my nipples.

Once she finished smoking, my Goddess went to our toy cabinet, and I felt her return with the sting of one of the floggers. I gathered at that point she wasn't quite done leaving marks on me, although these would be of an entirely different nature. My Goddess started with the flogger on my thighs, and then moved up to my privates, albeit more gently, and then higher up on my mid-section and chest.

She paused for a moment, and released me partially from the bondage. My hands were untied from the headboard of the bed, and while she left my ankle cuffs clipped together, she unclipped them from the footboard of the bed, and she ordered me to turn onto my front. She then switched to a heavier flogger, and worked over my backside and back from a variety of directions with great sharpness and accuracy. The sensations and reactions from the flogging got us both into a climbing spiral of intensity. The strokes elicited increasing movements and moans from me, and that feedback fed my Goddess' lust to get more of them.

My Goddess interrupted the rising emotions by ordering me to go on all fours. Despite the light tapping my Goddess started with, I immediately recognized the heaviness of our rigid purple plastic cane. The warm-up didn't last very long, and hard sharp strokes were soon coming down on my backside, literally from one hip to the other. Totally lost in subspace, in my surrender to my Goddess' dominance, in the overwhelming sensations shaking me to my core, after maybe two dozen strokes I couldn't stay still receiving the blows my Goddess was giving me. Far from disappointing her, my squirming fuels her fire, and she won't stop until she is satisfied that I can't handle any more of what she's dishing out.

After a few strokes of the cane that almost caused me to roll over, my Goddess commented on the additional beautiful marks she had left on me, and I felt her soft and cool hand touch the warm flesh where she had exerted her dominance and power over. I laid down on my side, my mind lost in the depths of subspace. My Goddess sat on the bed close to me, removed my blindfold, and deeply looked into my eyes with love and ownership, and began to gently caress me.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot... the artwork. On the left side of my chest: Owned and Collared (5" X 5"). And on the right: "Selena", with a little heart underneath, and below that, "Her Pet" (5" X 6").

Miscellaneous time-keeping: coming up on 40 hours of wearing my locked leather collar... and almost as long wearing the ankle cuffs... despite 2 quick errands in public yesterday... good thing for cold weather. And of course, the locked chain has still not been removed... 28 days and counting.

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