"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amazing turnaround (E)

Artwork courtesy of www.femdomartists.com

Both my Goddess and I were not feeling 100% yesterday, likely from something we ate at a restaurant the previous evening. Nothing too terrible, just random moments throughout the day of not feeling at our best. I'm sure details on that kind of thing are unnecessary...

Sadly, it made us miss a private play party with some friends. But we were happy just to be together, and we spent the evening watching a movie. After the movie, I was pretty much over what had been ailing us all day, my Goddess seemed to be doing better, but it was getting really late, we were both getting really tired, and we began preparing to go to sleep.

And then, as suddenly as an earthquake that hits without warning, my Goddess was in a mood. As much as her energy was down earlier that evening, her dominant energy swelled up and swept through both of us in different ways, and the emotional landscape was radically changed in a matter of just a few seconds.

My Goddess asked me for the hot pink Sharpie. As I handed it to her, she got up from the bed, picked up one of our leather blindfolds, placed it over my eyes and buckled it. As I was lying on the bed on my back, she climbed onto my hips, and I heard the cap of the Sharpie come off.

My mind was racing. Last week's marking play was exceptionally exciting. It created such a powerful sense of ownership/belonging in me, and my Goddess enjoyed it so much she said I would never again be without markings. By Friday, the markings of the previous week had faded out, so I guess it was time again for my Goddess to re-identify her pet, her property.

She covered even more ground this time, including my left arm, but obviously I was only going to find out the specifics later. As soon as my Goddess was done, she teased me with some NT for a while, and then took a length of rope, did a column tie around my wrists, and slipped the chain attached at the top of the headboard of the bed through the binding so that my hand were restrained above my head.

My Goddess got off the bed (and me), seemed to look for something among our toys, came back quickly, straddling my stomach facing my legs, and did some CBT for a few seconds. Without any pause, I felt her apply some clothespins to different areas of my C & B, maybe half-a-dozen or so. She then took out the Sharpie again, wrote something around my pubic area, and decided to take a break.

So there I laid, blindfolded, hands bound to the top of the bed, marked, with clothespins on my privates. I already had my locked leather collar on from earlier in the day, as well as my locked leather ankle cuffs, which had been on continuously, with the exception of showering, since Thursday morning.

My Goddess came back onto the bed, sat by my side, and lit a cigarette. To further limit my movement, she put the ashtray on my chest. While she relaxed for a bit, and teased me with her smoke, she took some time to describe the markings she had placed on me. She wrote Selena in cursive letters on the left side of my chest (which turned out to be about 2" X 4"), drew a crescent moon and stars (in Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon, and Endymion was her lover) with "Her Pet" written underneath (3" X 3"). She wrote her real name on my left arm, with a little heart underneath (2" X 1"). And finally, she wrote "mine" on my pubic area with two arrows pointing to my penis (2" X 6"), very visible because the hair has not grown very much since the shaving scene from a while back.

It was simply magical to lie there bound, vulnerable, in the control of my Goddess, while she described each marking and smoked next to me. I was so hers... so totally hers.

My Goddess finished smoking, removed the ashtray from my chest, and climbed back up on my stomach, facing my legs. She did some CBT as she sensually moved her hips over and against me. She began removing the clothespins, and each one of my reactions excited her more, increasing the amplitude and intensity of her own movements.

After the clothespins were all off, I could feel my Goddess letting her excitement get the better of her, and she suddenly turned around, straddling my hips, and grinding against my hard and erect penis as she moved on to some NT. The chain-reaction that followed quickly went out of control. My reactions to her movements and the NT kept her excitement increasing further. Her movements and the pain she caused me increased my excitement, increased the intensity of my reactions, and caused me to squirm even more under her.

And then, she could take no more. She needed to climax NOW. She stood up briefly, turned around again (facing my torso), and dropped herself on me, covering me face. Suddenly, my nose and mouth were engulfed inside her, and frantically my tongue worked to bring her the relief she was so desperate for. Twice she lifted herself for just a moment for me to get some air, and within a matter of a few seconds after that, a thundering climax fell upon her, left her body shaking violently for well over a minute.

Wow... that was so fucking hot. In the complete control of my Goddess' dominance, vulnerable and available to anything she wanted, feeling an intense sense of belonging and ownership, sore from her torture, in deep, deep subspace, and excited to no end, I was so not expecting all this just an hour ago...

I realized during our post-play time that my Goddess was not expecting any of this to happen either. She had been looking forward to the private play party all week, and I think she felt bummed that we couldn't make it. As we prepared to go to sleep, she had just a little dominant twinkle that made her want to replace the markings that had faded, and then her dominant urges just totally took her over.

The sheer inspiration of what happened... the amazing turnaround in energy... the creativity that kept flowing... was absolutely incredible. And it has left me in quite a mood of my own this morning. Just dying to serve my Goddess in any way she wants, waiting on her on my hands and knees. Just dying to display my submission, my dedication, my love to my Goddess for the world to see. I have visions running through my mind of my Goddess leading me around on a leash while we go shopping later on this afternoon.

Wow... hmmm... alright... discretion, as the better part of valor, will prevail, and I'll slowly come down from last night's high, but it's just an reflection of the amazing level of energy flowing between us that just a little spark could set off such a chain of events, and that I'd still be so wired 12 hours later.

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