"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The intimacy of being taken (E)

Artwork courtesy of Flat Earth Social Club

"Can I beat you up later?"

Hot, hot words from my Goddess while we were out having dinner... She looked beautiful, as always, and the smile she had across the table simply melted my heart... and got it racing... and started that magical feeling of anticipatory subspace...

I couldn't stop thinking too that she had been meaning to break open our new replacement strap-on for a while...

After dinner and a wonderful evening out together, we returned home where we relaxed by catching up on emails and fetish boards while watching some television. Then, rather suddenly, my Goddess told me I had to get ready... I had to get ready because I wouldn't be able to go anywhere once I returned. As subspace set-in, I started having flashbacks of different kinds of bondage and different positions, each one more vulnerable than the other for the pleasure of my Goddess.

I did return quickly, and my Goddess promptly requested that I bring the leather locking wrist and ankle cuffs, and a blindfold. My locking collar had been in place since our return home, and in a matter of a minute or two, the wrist cuffs were in place, locked, and clipped together, and so were the ankle cuffs. Shortly after, the blindfold was buckled over my eyes and my head, engulfing me deeper into subspace.

My Goddess ordered me to lie down on my back on the bed. Once I did that, she reached over to clip my wrist cuffs to a chain at the top of the headboard of the bed. She came over to the side of the bed I was on, teased my nipples a bit with her beautiful long nails, did some light, playful CBT, and returned to play with my nipples a little harder. She reached over to my bedside table to find one of our favorite lotions, and started spreading it and massaging it over my body, with a little more emphasis over my privates and my chest. A little more was used to lube my anal area as my Goddess tantalizingly teased me around the opening, and gently inserted a finger to spread the lotion inside. And then she left...

Ankles cuffed together, wrists cuffed together and chained to the bed, blindfolded, I was totally vulnerable to the mood and whims of my Goddess. These short interludes of mental isolation in bondage, even with the sounds of my Goddess scurrying about in the same room or the next, are always incredibly submissively erotic. The anticipation, the vulnerability, the headspace... I can never tell how long she's away from me. The enjoyment of the fall into deeper subspace offset by the desperate longing for my Goddess to return by my side creates a powerful tension that elevates the D/s energy several notches.

But return my Goddess did. She unclipped the ankle cuffs, moved onto the bed, and almost immediately I felt the tip of her strap-on press against my anal opening. The pressure increased gently and gradually, and I instinctively lifted my feet off the bed to give her what felt like a better angle. Within a few seconds, the head of the strap-on pushed through, and I had a first shudder run through my body. At that point I noticed that my Goddess had turned on the vibrating function, which always helps with the initial penetration. But somehow, it was still difficult for me to relax, and unintentionally, I was resisting her. My merciful Goddess, knowing my reactions and my abilities so well, gently pulled out, and tried again.

This time, I was hers completely. The breakthrough again sent a shudder through my body, and the strap-on truly felt like an extension of my Goddess. She was in a gentle and very sensual mood, and I felt that in the way she very gradually teased and pushed the strap-on all the way inside me. And it was inside before I had realized it, no small feat in view of the fact that this favorite strap-on of ours is 8.5", with a good width.

Once my Goddess had completely penetrated me, she began to focus more fully on herself. Her movements were gentle at moments, powerful at others. Long thrusts, fast thrusts, each brought out a moan or a reaction from me, which only served to excite my Goddess, and encouraged her to enjoy herself more. She changed the pace, changed the depth, and mixed in with the waves of subspace washing over me, was this huge dominant vibe coming from my Goddess that she was just so enjoying taking me.

After several minutes of this most intimate, and for me, powerfully symbolic of all femdom activities, I felt my Goddess hit terminal velocity. It's in the rhythm, the pace, the movement... just a groove that is inevitably leading her shortly to orgasm. At that point there was no gentleness... just deep, hard thrusts... faster and faster... until my Goddess reached a huge climax.

Awesome... just totally, fucking, awesome... After the peak of her climax, my Goddess leaned forward onto my chest while she was getting post-orgasm tremors. I could feel them with her body against mine, and I would have brought my hands down to hold her if they hadn't been chained over my head.

How can we describe the intimacy and the magic of scenes such as these? The powerful symbolism of my Goddess taking me... the intense sensations on both sides... the dominance and the surrender... Strap-on play is always so special to us. I would have it as part of our daily rituals, if there was any way we could handle it on a daily basis...

Later on, after my Goddess released me from my bondage and removed my blindfold, I cleaned up, and got her a snack as she requested (I can vouch for how hard she was working). Then just before we went to sleep, my Goddess once more clipped my ankle cuffs together, my wrist cuffs together, and clipped those to the chain dangling from the headboard of the bed. She told me to lie on my stomach, and I fell asleep bound, with my Goddess laying close to me, partly on my side and my back.

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