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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Product review and field test! (E)

The good folks over at theirtoys.com contacted us a few weeks ago to review one of their products. They provided us with the Fetish Fantasy O Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps for free, and asked that we share our impressions and comments.

Well, it doesn't take much convincing for my Goddess and I to try out a new toy, especially if we don't have something like it in our collection. We found the idea of a toy that combined two of our favorite items, an O-Ring gag and nipple clamps, very appealing. So as soon as we got a chance, we took the item out of its box, and gave it a field test.

The O-Ring gag buckles behind the head, and attached to this leather strap, about an inch off each side of the actual O-Ring are two chains, maybe 8-9 inches in length, that each lead to an adjustable, rubber-tipped nipple clamp.

For those not familiar with O-Ring gags, these create a unique sense of vulnerability, and are somewhat in a class of their own as gags. Not particularly useful for silencing, they do however cause some discomfort by their shape and positioning (which is a good thing in this context), and they leave the submissive's mouth open for a variety of little torments. In addition, there is a bit of a humiliating element as drooling is particularly difficult to avoid with this kind of gag.

To the gag is added a pair of nipple clamps, on chains that are on the short side for me, I would like to add. During our little sceme, my Goddess had fun pulling my hair, moving my head toward the back, thereby tugging on the nipple clamps.

While we haven't gotten to play with this angle, the shortness of the chains would inevitably keep the head and eyes of the submissive in a humble downward looking position. Looking up, from a kneeling position, would create the same NT as the hair-pulling did.

My Goddess and I are pretty demanding in terms of the quality of our play toys, especially our leather ones, so we found the leather buckling strap attached to the O-Ring a bit on the thin/light side. On the other hand, it does the job just fine. It buckles tight, it holds the O-Ring very steady, and it leaves a nice mark on the outside of the mouth which is a trademark sign left by the use of any decent gag. But if we'd have one suggestion for design improvement, it would be to use a thicker strap.

The adjustable nipple clamps are good for low and medium intensity nipple torture. The adjustment screws can greatly limit the intensity of the clamps, making these good for beginners. With the screws loosened to the point they don't offset the tension at all, the clamps are tight but certainly not the "hurtiest" out there. Perhaps similar to clover clamps, and nowhere as intense as alligator clips.

It'll be one of those toys that's pulled out when there is a mood for a little extra sadism, or when a little more of a predicament is called for. A quirky, unique, inexpensive, and fun combo toy that we definitely enjoyed.

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  1. Too bad the photo had to show a damsel in distress. Seems a bit inappropriate for the relationship that you two have. Maybe you could model the device for us, Dymion?

  2. Dear Lady Grey,

    Aaaah, you trouble-maker, you... (with all due respect!) You may land me in a predicament here. My Goddess may well be tempted to accomodate you.

    It is true, the picture is somewhat dynamics-inappropriate. Yet, despite that, the original product picture still seemed more engaging than the device laid out on a counter-top in the kitchen.

    Our world being what it is, my Goddess and I are rather discreet when it comes to our RL identities in certain mediums. And I apologize for that. However, to be fair, I will pass your request to Goddess Selena, and let her make the decision.

    Thank you for dropping by. I'm sure your suggestion will be the source of some conversation later this evening...


  3. Ahh I really like the idea of this product; I love predicament bondage and many of the scenarios you mentioned were things I started fantasising about when I first saw a similar product. Unfortunately, when I found one in a fetish store, it was really bad quality, with the chains detaching from the gag really easily, and the clamps falling off the nipples really easily. So I sort of gave up on the idea. It's good to know there's some good quality ones out there - I shall have to add it to my endless list of to-buy toys ;)

    Thanks for the review,

  4. Kathryn,

    I don't know that how long it will last, but it is certainly proving to have its place right now.

    Ah yes... the never-ending list of toys to buy. Indeed, the supplies for our lifestyle, and related activities, can be quite expensive. And by the time we can afford a new toy, 3 new interesting ones are added to the list. It truly needs ends.

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by and to leave a comment.