"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Part 1: Submitting to my Goddess (E)

Artwork courtesy of http://teased-n-denied.tumblr.com/

The first of two-parts. My Goddess challenged me to write about our play time two evenings ago. Then tomorrow, she'll write about the same scene, but without reading my post. Then we'll have fun comparing accounts.

"9 o'clock tonight. On your knees, next to the bed. Naked. Wait for me."

Those words came from my Goddess in the late morning, two days ago. Of course, it's one of those things you can't un-hear. It stays with you. The anticipation builds. Every glance we exchanged over the course of the day had a brighter twinkle. Every look at the other revealed a secretive, knowing smile. Time couldn't go by fast enough. This was at least as hot as the "You're getting tied up tonight!" of the previous week.

But the time finally came, and I was ready for my Goddess. On my knees. Next to the bed. Naked. With the locking leather collar on the bed, along with most of our toys in our large toy bag at the foot of the bed.

My Goddess walked in, fresh from her shower. She looked please. She sat on the side of the bed, put the collar around my neck, and locked it. The initial, and familiar feel of the leather collar is always such a joy after missing it for 12 to 16 hours. And the sound of the small lock clicking shut never loses its magic for me.

She placed leather wristcuffs on me, and locked those too. And clipped them together. Next, she reached for a leather blindfold, placed it around my head, tight and secure. Finally, she clipped a leash to the central ring of my collar, and told me that she was not going to walk to the other side of the bed. As I wondered what was to transpire at that point, my Goddess stood up, told me to get on all fours, straddled my back, and told me to be on my way. What a joy to have my Goddess sitting on my bare back! The physical sensation of her weight, the mental imagery of my Goddess ordering her pet to carry her, and the emotions that resulted from this symbolically powerful act, were all quite overwhelming.

My Goddess led me onto the bed, and told me to get on all fours. She pulled me into just the position she wanted. She ran her nails down my back and over my backside. She teased my nipples, and playfully moved on to some CBT.

She paused for just a moment, and then the first stroke from a flogger came down. My Goddess worked one flogger for a few strokes, and moved on to another flogger quite rapidly. She changed implements a few times, and by the third one, I was deep enough in subspace that I had trouble focusing enough to identify them. And besides, I didn't want to focus... I was letting go.

Speaking of subspace, while it started moving in on me in the morning, and gradually throughout the day, I had reached further milestones in subspace waiting for my Goddess to come in while I was on my knees naked, when she used me to "pony" her across the bedroom, and when she began sensation and impact play.

But my Goddess totally floored me when she interrupted what she was doing, came right next to me, grabbed my hair, pulled back my head, and teasingly asked:

"Does my pet want to get fucked tonight?"

Wow... What could I say? I certainly couldn't go against the wishes and desires of my Goddess...

So she did. And it was incredible. It always is. I've said a million times before, and I'll say it one more time now. Getting taken by my Goddess is such an intimate, magical, powerful, and symbolic act. The sensual application of lube around my opening. The hotness and anticipation of my Goddess preparing me with her fingers for what is to come. The gentle but firm pressure of the strap-on reaching deeper inside me. My Goddess finally reaching all the way inside me. My Goddess, once in all the way, gradually fucking me with more speed and more force. Faster, harder, deeper. She keeps building up. She reaches terminal velocity. Her orgasm is on its way no matter what. She loses control of the rhythm Her strokes are hard and long. She pulls in my hips with her hands, digging her nails inside them. And then a huge climax hits her.

After the trembling subsides, my Goddess pushes me on my side and orders me to lie down on my back. She straddles my stomach, still shaking a bit. I can feel her wetness against my skin. She reaches for my nipples, playing with them hard. She reaches back for some CBT, and hurts me until I get rock hard. She comes back to the nipples, and after almost getting a whimper from me, my Goddess unclips my wristcuffs from each, and reclips each of them to a ring on opposite sides of my locking leather collar. A classic position that she has only recently begun to appreciate and enjoy.

My Goddess returns to NT and CBT, having fun while I was in this particularly helpless position. She goes harder with the nipples, and deeper with her nails on my testicules and penis. And then, she begins moving up my torso. She keeps at it until her sacred feminine is directly over my mouth, and then lowers herself onto to me. She pulses lightly up-and-down with her hips, creating a wave-lapping-against-the-shore kind of movement. As I am doing my best trying to bring my Goddess pleasure, I realize that with my wrists clipped as they are to my collar, her knees are pinning my arms down and keeping them in tension to the sides. This in turn is keeping my collar taut, and greatly limiting my head movement. I am almost totally immobile, and my Goddess is in total control. The internal vision and the emotions of the predicament, and once more, the symbolism, are almost as powerful as the actual physical sensations.

As my Goddess approaches climax, she reaches for my nostrils, pinches them shut, and lowers herself onto me completely. Under the pressure of bringing her to climax before I run out of air, my tongue darts around and licks her furiously, and it isn't long before my Goddess has another powerful orgasm.

She moves off my face, she slides down my torso while she's still trembling, and takes back the place she had sitting on my hips earlier. My Goddess resumes NT and CBT, even harder than before, while she is still trembling more, and is wetter then before. My nipples deliciously suffer at her hands until she gets a whimper from me.

That didn't take too long. Which is good because my Goddess wasn't done with me quite yet. A few seconds after the whimper, my Goddess is tugging on my collar to position me into more sexual servitude, and more orgasms. Including, eventually, one for me.


  1. MMMmmmmm what a wonderful feeling it is to be takn by your Owners/Goddess strapon! Wonderfully descriptive and ecocative post as ever.


  2. Indeed it is, HP, indeed it is...

    Good of you to drop in, and thank you for your comment.