"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost into her: part 3 - other stuff (E)

Artwork by Morilla/doclusifer, courtesy of deviantart.net, through http://lunarblack.tumblr.com

After the caning... but was it before the hogtie or after? I don't know any more. I don't think I knew by the time I came out of subspace late the morning after. And I have no idea in what order the following happened. Just snippets, flash-images, and partial memories....

Lying on my back in the king-sized bed, blindfolded, hands bound over my head, ankles bound at the other end, my Goddess is sitting on my hips. She is artfully torturing my nipples with her nails, squeezing... pinching... pulling... twisting... As the pain increases, so do my reactions. Soft moans... deep exhales... gentle squirming. The sounds excite her. The movements turn her on. She grinds against me, teasing me since I'm not inside her. The more she hurts me, the more I struggle against the bondage and against her weight, and the more excited she gets and the more she grinds against me. After a few short minutes, the spiral is inescapable. She's reached terminal velocity, and the hot hurt-moan-squirm-grind cycle continues until she is literally hit by a huge climax. I feel her shaking for a minute or two as she lies onto my chest, post-orgasm.

Laid out on my back on the bed, blindfolded, my hands and feet bound at opposite ends, my Goddess takes a break. She comes back to me and blows the first drag of her cigarette into my face. A shiver goes down my spine. She sits next to me, and teases me with her smoke. Some face-blowing... later a forced inhale... later still exhaling into my mouth as she kissed me. Each one leaves me trembling. As much from the fetish action as from her dominance, and my vulnerability to her whims. She moves lower down, still at my side, and I feel her stretch and keep in place the nipple on my right side. Within seconds, I feel intense heat close to it. I don't know how close... And then it gets even hotter. But I stay still, and exhale deeply as the heat gets continually more intense. Her hand has moved off my chest, but I still feel the searing heat around my nipple. I drop down a few more notches in subspace. I am so her toy... for whatever she wants. She repeats on the left side...

I hear the clothespins fall out of the bag. Same position... blindfolded, hands bound at one end of the bed, and ankles bound at the other end of the bed. But it seems to me this was in a different orientation. My Goddess applies the first few clothepins around my testicles and along the shaft of the penis. She loves making pretty patterns with them. She also likes squeezing them, shaking them, and pulling gently on them. But she enjoys even more removing them. Once she applied a dozen or so (one doesn't count very well while in subspace, so I have really no idea), and teased me for a few minutes, my Goddess starts removing them in the order she put them on. I can feel her satisfaction and excitement as she hears the deep exhale, and the occasional upward hip movement at each one of the clothespins taken off. The sharpness of the pain, and the almost searing sensation of a clothespin removed is sweet agony, and almost gets a girlish giggle out of her. A dozen times...

Bound as I am, I can't escape my Goddess. And she is desperately horny. She climbs onto me, and sits on my face. I am plunged into the ambrosia of her most private areas. I feverishly move my tongue to bring her the pleasure I can feel she wants so badly. I also time my breaths as she smothers me for 5 to 10 seconds at a time when she lets her full weight down on my face. She gets closer to climax. The intervals get longer. I can feel her grinding down on me more forcefully. My tongue is working harder and faster. She goes a little higher, and she lets me catch a few breaths, but I can't interrupt what I'm doing. My Goddess pinches my nostrils and sits back down on my face. I lick at her furiously. Her climax is so big she literally falls off me. She recovers by my side. When the trembling subsides, she pulls on the leash attached to the locked leather collar. She forces me to turn onto my belly. She changes her angle to me slightly, and then pulls on the leash some more. My head is way up in-between my legs. She moves down a little closer. She is not done yet. She's not sated. A few minutes later, my Goddess has had another 2 orgasms.

After everything that happened, after some winding down, after the blindfold had been removed (but not the clipped wrist cuffs or clipped ankle cuffs, and certainly not the locked collar), we finished with me kissing her feet. And licking her toes. It was a wonderful end to a spectacular evening. Gentle, intimate, tender, caring, there is something so relaxing to both of us in foot worship. Once that ended after perhaps 10 minutes, we lay down to go to sleep, sometime around 3 AM, my Goddess leaving me in bondage. As tired as we were, we still couldn't fall asleep. She felt so good next to me, and she thought/felt the same. So she unclipped my wrist cuffs (but not the ankle cuffs... challenge!) and we made love. She had another 2 orgasms, and she allowed me release.

And then, finally, after some light cleaning up, my Goddess clipped my wrist cuffs together again, and we fell asleep. Deeply. And very close to each other.

We'll have to remember this hotel...


  1. Thanks Aarkey! Happy that those parts of that wonderful evening and night tickled your fancy.

    BTW, keep up the good work on your blog. Still one of the most entertaining in the fetish blogosphere.

    Thanks for dropping by.