"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coffee and clamps! (E)

"Lordess of Rusty Spoons" via Lunar Black

Friday evening a week ago I asked my Goddess, "So... what are the plans for tomorrow?" Just one of those the-week-is-over-I-can't-wait-to spend-more-time-with-you moments.

She immediately exclaimed, "Coffee and clamps!" And she did so with the playfully evil, dominant smile that melts my heart and makes me weak in the knees.

Of course, our day-off morning ritual is a sacred part of our D/s relationship. I shared some of the basics at first in
Morning Routine: The Daily 10, and provided some updates in Pushing Our Morning Ritual, in addition to occasionally providing references to our morning ritual in other posts.

I must admit, I found it heartwarming for my Goddess to remind me with so much enthusiasm how much she enjoys our D/s based interactions, play, and rituals, and how important they are to her. Of course, it was also tantalizingly subspacey for me to anticipate what was to come. I had a torrent of flashbacks running right then through my mind of key moments of the ritual... preparing her coffee, bringing it to her, and offering her the leash attached to my locked leather collar... sitting at her feet while she enjoys her coffee and a cigarette... holding the ashtray while she smokes... waiting for her to tell me "Coffee, Bitch!" when it comes time for a refill... and during all this time, wearing the nipple clamps she expects to see from the moment I present her with the very first cup of coffee, and keeping them on during the entire time of our morning ritual.

In fact, the clover clamps will remain until my Goddess finishes her third cup of coffee (she SO loves her coffee!) If she's feeling especially evil, and in the mood for a little more coffee (by now, the switch to decaf has already happened), she may even have a fourth cup before she removes the nipple clamps. Well before the third cup, the dull ache from the clamps has become a sharp pain that stabs my nipples with every movement I make.

The reality of the morning that followed was everything I anticipated, and more. Sometimes, predictibility is not a bad thing at all... It gets the butterflies going in your stomach, it gets a little wave of subspace washing over you, and it keeps your mind racing for hours and hours.

Oh... I almost forgot. And then, when it came time to remove the nipple clamps, my Goddess twisted them, pulled on them, pushed them to the sides, and only after tormenting my nipples like this for an extra minute or two did she finally remove them. But she wasn't done yet. She then used her fingers and nails to do even more NT, and continued until I could no longer hold back a whimper from the delicious pain she inflicted upon me. This is also an essential part of our morning ritual. It makes her happy. Especially the whimper.

We are both off from work today. My Goddess is still spleeping at the moment, but I can't wait for her to wake up and tell me, "Coffee, Bitch!" so that we can do this all over again.

Image courtesy of
Pantyhose Supremacy via Lunar Black


  1. I recently found your blog and am really blown away by the ease and intimacy of your relationship. How lucky you two are to have found each other. :)

  2. Maui Girl,

    Thank you for dropping by, and for the kind words!

    Indeed, there's something that blows US away about the D/s flow of our relational dynamics for which we are thankful every single day. It doesn't mean that things like work or health don't sometimes get in the way, but we try to make the best of it every day.

    BTW, I found your blog very engaging, and I will definitely list it in our blogroll next time I get a chance to update our links.


  3. Yes, I understand the attraction of the "whimper". I do so admire a sub's willingness to accept the pain of nipple clamp torture for his Dom, and my husband Karl has reached the point where he can bear a lot more of such pain than he could when we first met. His threshold is very admirable, and I enjoy going beyond it enough to produce that lovely whimper. Twisting and pulling are part of the process.

    I've probably mentioned this before, but I find that if I remove the clamps after about 15 minutes, wait 30 seconds, and put them back on in a slightly different position, the pain increases dramatically. Karl assures me that it's a geometric progression, and if the entire clamp session goes on for an hour or so of this, well the whimpers can be quite fascinating. At least for me. You might want to mention this to Selena:)

  4. Dymion: Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I'll enjoy following yours (with jealousy in a good way, of course). And perhaps I'll mention Lady Grey's suggestion to my husband, masochist that I am. :)

  5. Dear Lady Grey,

    How wonderful of you to drop by again. And it's good to see you have an "appreciation" for the whimper that is very similar to Selena's. The two of you really do have much in common.

    I can definitely vouch for the clamp re-setting practice. We don't do it often because once the nipples have gotten a bit swollen from the initial clamping, it may be more challenging to set them in a new position where they won't slip. Generally, my Goddess likes to know they are on securely, and she enjoys both the visuals of me wearing them, and the knowledge that over the next hour or two (yes...) they will increasingly become more painful. Until such a time she can tell in my face I'm about to beg for her to remove them.

    On the other hand, my Goddess has sometimes switched from the clover clamps to the alligator clamps in mid-play. Wow! The escalation of pain is indescribable. And obviously, no slippage.

    Thank you for sharing. And you can see by the previous comment, someone else has picked up on your advice too!


  6. Maui Girl,

    Yes, you are a masochist! You know you're a masochist when you run to somebody and tell them, "I just found out how you can hurt me even more! Let's try this!" lol

    It warms our hearts to hear that you will follow our blog. Hopefully you will find in it understanding, inspiration, and hope. It's a long and rocky road to bring someone into the lifestyle, and it's even more challenging doing it from the bottom. But with great communications, a good sense of exploration on both sides, and some gentle experimentation to find out dislikes, likes, and loves, it is possible to eventually get into good D/s relational dynamics.

    Good luck... and play safe!