"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A vision of dominance and love (E)

Image courtesy of models Shakti & Leo

She is sitting on the sofa, comfortably wedged in the corner of it, on the right side, wearing a loosely fitting pink bath robe. I am sitting at her feet, on the floor, cross-legged, just a bit to her left. Our morning ritual is not yet done.

In addition to my ever-present Eternity Collar, I am wearing nothing but my locking leather collar, a pair of clover clamps on my nipples, a shiny metal and leather dog leash, and underwear.

My Goddess removes the foot that was resting on the inside of my right thigh, places it on the floor, and crosses her legs. She pulls on the leash attached to the main D-ring of the locked leather collar a little tighter, pulling me in closer to her. She rests her right hand holding the leash on top of her knee. Her wrist is through the leather handle, and she has a turn or two of the chain around her hand to keep a gentle but firm tension on the leash.

She moves very slightly away from the corner of the sofa as she crosses her legs, bringing herself a little closer to me. That must be when she took up the slack, and more, in the leash's chain. And forced me to move my upper body up against the leg that is resting on the floor. Her other leg is coming across in front of me just a bit.

I turn slightly toward her, and I see the vision of my Goddess sitting above me in such a sublimely dominant manner. I notice her beautiful hand laying on her knee just next to my face, holding the leash, and I gently kiss her hand with all the adoration I can muster.

In one of those moments frozen in time, I feel my mind's eye pulling away from where I am, and visualizing the scene from the other end of the room. I so wish the moment would be captured in a picture or a drawing.

The mood of the morning ritual... the warmth of the interaction... the glow of the splendor of my Goddess' dominance... the energy my submissive reverence was feeding her... If ever I was to commission a portrait or drawing from someone like Sardax, or one of the other great femdom artists, as a gift to my beloved Goddess, this is one of the scenes I would want to have immortalized.

NEXT: a response to Lady Grey's comment on human furniture from the last post...

Can't make out the artist on the latter artwork, but it seems I first saw this image on the cover of a Centurian magazine back in the very early 80s. I'm pretty sure the mark on the lower right isn't original.


  1. That is just beautiful Dymion. Sublime.
    Thank you.

  2. Yardbird,

    Thank you for dropping and for your comment. I apologize that I just recently noticed your comment, and somehow didn't see it pop-up when it did.

    Always nice to know when my writing connects with someone.

    All the Best!