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-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pushing our morning ritual (E)

Artwork by johnny via Nasty Blog

Yesterday morning, shortly after she woke up, I prepared and served my Goddess her morning coffee in the living room. I had on my locked leather collar, a metal and leather dog leash, and pressure nipple rings. That's in addition to the eternity collar which, of course, is always present.

As soon as I kneeled before her to hand her the coffee, my Goddess grabbed the dog leash and pulled me in close to her, tugging the leash lightly to each side, showing me she was clearly in control.

I sat at her feet, lit her cigarette, handed it to her, reached for the ashtray, and held it at a convenient distance for her. After she finished smoking, I reached for one of her feet, and began to kiss it gently, each toe individually, and back, and all over the top of her foot. I came back to the toes, and did the routine over twice more. Then I moved on to her other foot for hundreds more little kisses over her toes and top of her foot.

During this time, my Goddess gave the dog leash a pull every once in a while just to remind me that she was holding it, and that I was all hers. She also took the opportunity to tug on the nipple rings, smiling devilishly as the sensations in my nipples went from heavy discomfort to defnite pain.

Seconds later, I was lying on the floor, with my Goddess' feet covering my face. I deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her feet, and began kissing their undersides. She moved her feet slightly as I continued delighting in kissing and smelling them. In an absolutely intoxicating moment, my Goddess got her feet just right over my face and pressed down, covering my mouth and nose, and restricted my breathing for a few seconds. She released me shortly and I returned to adoring her feet.

My Goddess told me she was done with her coffee and needed another one, so I got to my feet, took her cup, and quickly made my way to the kitchen to prepare it. I returned, offered her the fresh cup of coffee, and sat at her feet to once me light her cigarette and hold the ashtray.

After she was done smoking again, with Goddess holding the leash, we moved to another corner of the living room where one of our leather paddles was on a shelf. I remained on all-fours while my Goddess sat on my back, facing the opposite direction I was, and she began to take the paddle to my backside.

The intensity of her strokes increased quickly. As the impact and reverberations of the paddle strokes made it more difficult for me to stay steady, my Goddess reminded me that she was counting on me to keep her from falling off. Some of the strokes really, REALLY stung, and as usual, she pushed me pretty hard. I was moving even deeper into subspace feeling her warmth and her weight on my back, feeling her trapping me between her legs, feeling her hold the leash, and feeling the rising intensity of the paddling.

With the last stroke, my Goddess moved off me, pulled my face close to her own through the leash, and her face was just radiant, exploding with joy, satisfaction, and dominance. It was just such a rewarding moment, and I closed my eyes to freeze in my mind the emotional, visual, and mental landscape that had been created.

A little while later, preparing to get in the shower before going to work, I felt my backside still very warm, and as I turn to see it in the mirror, I noticed the deep shade of pink that it still was.

What was an amazing way to begin the day...

P.S.: For a second day in a row, this morning we pushed the morning ritual again. It was very similar to yesterday, except that my Goddess added a few strokes to the paddling, and I got a chance to get some of her coffee... from her mouth to mine...

Artwork by wico via www.bdsm-artzone.de


  1. Such a beautiful and erotic morning ritual! A truly wonderful way to start Y/your day!

  2. What a fine morning ritual! Starting the day by serving your Goddess, being reminded every moment that she controls your movements and can play with you as she sees fit, giving you pleasure and pain in measures that she deems correct.

    My husband serves me in the morning as well, both before he goes off to work and on weekends. It puts him in the right head for the rest of the day, and I delight in having him at my feet as I eat the breakfast he's prepared.

    Two big differences, though. First, I don't smoke. Second, though I allow him to hover over my feet, he must not kiss or worship them until I allow it. I know how much he loves to kiss, lick, sniff, and suck them, and I reserve it as a reward for him. Do you think it would be even more delightful to worship Selena's feet if you knew you needed permission to do so, or does Selena enjoy it that you simply dive on them whenever the mood strikes? I'd be interested in hearing your feelings on the different "styles" we use.

  3. submale,

    Thank you for dropping by and for your wonderful comment! Glad you enjoyed that! These are treasured moments for me.


  4. Dear Lady Grey,

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by and sharing your thoughts.

    About the style question... very interesting. I will leave my Goddess the care of giving her side of the story later this evening, but here is my take on it.

    She pretty much always lets me "dive in" when I'm in the mood and I feel her generally receptive to that or any other submissive gesture. I would say I don't often read her wrong, and I tend, if anything, to err on the side of being perhaps too conservative, even on things she loves and enjoys so much, including foot worship.

    In addition, I would say that for the past year or so, real life has been particularly difficult for us, so we have been in a continual state of "underplaying". Apart from our rituals, opportunities have been weekly rather than daily, and even then, one of us is either so tired or stressed out that the other doesn't always take advantage of what little time we do have.

    So yes, she let's me take the submissive initiative on foot worship, and no, reward is not part of interaction at the present time. I think we both try to make the most of what little good interaction time we have. Perhaps the rules would be different under other circumstances.

    Hope that answers your question...


  5. Thank you for responding to my comment, Dymion. I'd love to hear Selena's take on this "style" question, if she cares to express it.

    In the meantime, consider these two scenarios:

    1. You are serving Selena as you described, you see her beautiful feet and feel the need to kiss her toes, something you know she enjoys. You do so, and the scene continues as you wrote.

    2. You are serving Selena as you described, you see her beautiful feet and feel the need to kiss her toes, but you know it's not allowed without her permission. You ask if you may kiss, or lick or sniff or otherwise worship her feet, and she says "No, not right now, but I want your face poised a few inches above them, and you may gaze at them while I finish my coffee. If I'm satisfied with your service today, I might let you worship them this evening. Think about it as you do your daily duties."

    Obviously, we're dealing with tease and denial in the second scenario, with the hope of future reward, instead of the instant gratification that you were, in the first scenario, allowed without question.

    I absolutely mean no disrespect for Selena's method ("style"), but I wonder which you would find more of a turn-on. And, while we're at it, which Selina would find more of a turn-on.

    BTW, if I'm getting too personal here, feel free to just delete this comment. No offense will be taken by me, and I apologize in advance if I'm overstepping the bounds of "commenter". I'm always very curious about the feelings and motivations of other D/s couples, and I hope you'll forgive me if I've gotten my nose in to where it doesn't belong.

  6. Dear Lady Grey,

    No, no overstepping. If it gets too personal, I'll answer in an email. Either way, the least I can respectfully do for your time to formulate your inquiry and ask about styles is to get you an answer.

    There is no doubt that the second option is quite tantalizing for me also. More than the element of reward, which is not a major theme in our relationship, is the element of control through teasing.

    When it comes to our play, we find that the passion that arises from the inspiration of the moment is when we reach the highest levels intensity and improvisational creativity. There are many times when anticipation of things to come plays a role, but in view of the limited opportunities we have had over the last many months, we know we may not be able to catch up later that day, or in the evening.

    I don't see it so much as one better/preferable than the other, but different scenarios. I'm always good to go or to delay based on what my Goddess wants. The decision is hers and hers alone, it is part of her dominant prerogative and I will abide by it. After all, my preference should, and do come second. Whatever excites her the most is what I want to have happen.

    I would say that the elements of control, dominance, and will/desires/power of my Goddess over me are more dominant core concepts of our D/s dynamics than reward and punishment. And within that context, often anticipation still plays a huge role, but in a slightly different manner than the second scenario you bring up.

    Hope it makes sense...

    My Goddess came back late from work very tired last night, and went to bed early, but read over our discussion and will definitely chime in at some point soon.


  7. Thank you for your response, D. I'd overlooked your time constraints, and I can see how postponement could be a problem for those who can't see each other every day.

    You're obviously doing just fine - both of you - with what you're doing, and that's wonderful. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some input on this from Selena, if it happens. My best to you both, as always.

  8. Hello there, Lady Grey...I apologize for the delayed response. Honestly, you gave me a bit to think about. As mentioned, our time constraints have caused me to be a bit lax on teasing too terribly much. "Real" life has not allotted much time to dawdle. However, I find both proposed scenarios quite enticing. I do have a softer side that makes it hard for me to resist my boy, but as our lives calm down a bit (and it appears things are improving) I will probably throw a few surprises into our morning ritual. I go through phases of intensity, various levels of evil vs playful, into different things at different times... No right or wrong steps when in charge, eh?
    Thank you for the interesting discussion. I like to reflect and learn other perspectives. Appreciate the support from such a strong and respected woman. Take Care -Selena

  9. Very nice to hear from you, Selena, and I do thank you for commenting. Yes, no right or wrong steps when in charge is about right. But nuances are always interesting, and other ideas from other Dommes are always illuminating. I do admire your control of D, as well as his appreciation for it. It takes two to tango, and you two do some fancy steps out there on the dance floor.

    Here's hoping you find the time to delve further into the wonderful world of tease!

  10. I was just dropping in to say my blog address on your list needs to return to this:


    But also wanted to say this was such a hot post!

  11. Dear Mistress 160,

    Thank you for the correction... I've made the change of address. BTW, you do such a good job on your site!

    And I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for dropping by and saying so!