"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Friday, April 22, 2011

A quick recap of the last few weeks (E)

Artwork courtesy of the one and only Sardax (http://www.sardax.com/)

So much is happening... so little time to write...

Lots of servitude... oral, sexual, and anything else my Goddess needs/requires... including cooking, washing, and cleaning...

Morning rituals every day except those I have to be out of the house before my Goddess wakes up... always wrapping up with some serious NT, and often with a short session with a leather paddle or a cane... and I never tire of my Goddess holding out her empty cup of coffee at me and teasingly commanding, "Coffee, Bitch!"

Many nights going to sleep with my wrists bound to the bed... so my Goddess can have me next to her when she falls asleep... and knows where I'll be all night...

Painting my Goddess' toe nails... a new activity for us... I'm horrible at it, but learning and improving...

Spending an increasing amount of time as furniture... sitting at my Goddess' feet and serving as a footrest when she watches some television...

Extraordinarly hot and intense and painful love making... always on her terms...

Spending virtually every single minute at home with my Goddess wearing the locking leather collar... the rare times I have failed to bring it to her for placing around my neck in the very first minutes we are both home has earned me some rather pointed remarks...

And I can feel my Goddess building up to a more formal session any time now... just a few days ago, she was telling me that she was looking forward to finding a day when she could keep me bound for the entire day...

The weeks and the months and the years are going by faster than we realize, faster than we would like. Yet, thankfully, the intensity and the passion and the love keep growing. And our daily D/s dynamics are more firmly entrenched than ever before.


  1. Hi Dymion:

    It sounds like your Goddess is keeping you very busy and that's a good thing. A useful slave is a happy slave and nothing is more fulfilling than making your Goddess smile right? ;-)

    I enjoyed reading your descriptions of daily domestic life. I am always serving Her Majesty and am frequently used as her footrest so I can relate. I really suck at painting her toenails though and am no longer permitted to perform that particular service. Perhaps someday I will be allowed to try again! ;-)

    Love the Sardax illustration! I am a huge fan of his but had never seen that one! :-)

  2. HMP,

    She is indeed keeping me busy, and being useful in service to her does make me very happy.

    My Goddess had occasionally done the furniture thing in the past, but the instances were far and few between. She seems to really have gotten into it in the last few months, and now it's a daily occurence in one form or another.

    The Sardax piece is one I also only discovered a few weeks ago, and I was totally taken aback by it. I've always loved his work, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Of course, it was perfect to headline a post where service is a primary theme.

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts.


  3. Wonderful illustration by Sardax (I had no idea he was lurking in my bedroom:)), and your usual lyrical recounting of "the last few weeks". Time does indeed fly when you're having fun, and Selena's gradual build-up of the many ways she requires you to submit is delightful.

    It took Karl quite awhile to develop proper toe painting technique, but his efforts resulted in a very high level of competence which he's been allowed to expand to complete, nearly professional level, pedicures. A bit of internet research on your part might just allow you to emulate him, and just imagine how proud Selina would be that her slave has a new skill to use on her behalf.

    As far as the human furniture thing goes, how do you feel while in that position? I know how it makes me feel to use Karl as a footstool or coffee table, and he's described it as a deep feeling of subspace as time passes, and says that he almost goes into a trance to maintain his position. The longer it lasts, the more turned on he gets by my indifference (there's that word again) to his discomfort and the fact that there's no timetable involved, no point at which he can be certain that it will end. How does that compare with what you feel, and does Selina torment you in other ways while you are in that situation, and/or punish you for wobbling or not maintaining the position she wants you in? I must confess that I do both.

    I eagerly await news of Selina's more "formal" session, and I share her love for all day bondage. So much to do, so little time...if I may paraphrase your opening line.

  4. Goodness of this sounds delicious! I love objectification and domestic servitude. Sounds like everything is as it should be =)