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-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Predicament in service (E)

Artwork courtesy of Severin, via Lunar Black

A weekend morning a little while ago...

After our morning ritual of me serving My Goddess her coffee, lighting her cigarette, and holding the ashtray for her while remaining on the floor at her feet, she comfortably set up in the living room to catch up on some work matters on her laptop.

I moved on to some domestic duties while she was busy. At that very moment, I was reminded of the recent outstanding post by Lady Grey on The Appeal of Disinterest. The priority for me that morning was to catch up on washing clothes. However, complicating things for me was the fact that I had the 50' house leash attached to my locking leather collar, to remain easily accessible to her, and I was still in light bondage from the night before. My wrists were bound and locked by leather cuffs, and so were my ankles.

It was difficult enough to provide my Goddess with spill-free coffee service while in bondage, but I discovered a whole new level of required dedication and patience when it came to doing the laundry.

With my hands cuffed and clipped with a 3" double-ended clip, there was no way I could hold the clothes hamper, so I had to take up just a few pieces of clothes in my hands at a time. Since I could not grab a whole lot of clothes at once, that required me to do several trips between the laundry room and the bedroom, moving slowly and with many little steps because of my cuffed ankles.

While my Goddess was focused on her work, she did look up occasionally to enjoy my struggle, smiling that beautiful, evil little smile of satisfaction that only comes from seeing me in a predicament at her hands.

It wasn't long before I felt my ankle cuffs chaff the skin under them, and soon I would be feeling the turn of the cuffs on every little step. A little later, the wrist cuffs also began to take their toll, as I struggled against them to take up more clothes at a time in order to minimize the number of painful trips between rooms.

It was great relief when I got the first wash going, and I could move to other less movement-intensive duties. Later on, transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer wasn't so bad despite limited hand range, but it also meant that I was going to begin another set of trips between the bedroom and the laundry room...

Some submissives think that real dedication to their mistress is being able to handle the punishment she dishes out. Well, I have a new test of dedication for you all: cuffed hands... 3" clip... bath towel... folding it neatly... placing it over over clean bath towels but under the clean hand towels without messing up the stack...

OMG... folding clothes and the multiple trips in the clipped ankle cuffs over to the right drawers and shelves was a major exercise in frustration and patience. But I since loved doing it because it was in service to my Goddess, because she enjoys having me do housework for her, and because of the joy she gets seeing me struggle in bondage.

I never mentioned a word of how challenging that was to my Goddess, and reading this post will be the first time she finds out. I hate whining immensely in others, and even more so from me, so I certainly wasn't about to do any complaining. But now that my Goddess knows, I expect that it will probably only encourage her to do it more often.

P.S.: My Goddess had such a hearty laugh reading the post this morning. The visual of me trying to fold towels with my hands bound, and placing them without knocking over stacks of other towels, just so tickled her funny bone. She regrets not seeing it, and she told me we'll definitely have to do this again just so she can watch!


  1. Thank you for sharing...very interesting afternoon...i can share your desire to please Her...and accomplish any and all tasks assigned, no matter the difficulty...i can also relate to the feeling of pride in a job well performed...thanks again!

  2. HSH,

    Thank you for dropping by and taking time to leave a comment. And welcome to our blog!

    I'm happy you appreciate the challenges and the pride in excellent service for the ones we serve. The solidarity that we share in such endeavours is the reason I enjoy sharing these special moments.


  3. A delightful description of your plight and Selena's "disinterest" in same. I take great pleasure in providing my husband with similar situations, and as with Selena, I'm sure that any occasional "evil little smile of satisfaction" is noted by my sub hub and appreciated as well.

    I'm honored that you were reminded of my blog entry, and I thank you for mentioning it. May your 50 foot house leash snake happily around the house and provide you with a constant reminder of who is in charge:)!

  4. Dear Lady Grey,

    Yes indeed, it does sound similar in many ways to what Karl must go through in your household, in principle if not in exact detail.

    Your post was superb, and I kept being reminded of it as I wrote this entry. I think the number of comments your post received is clearly a sign of how powerful that element of D/s dynamics is for so many people in the lifestyle.

    And the leash, which is clipped on right now as my Goddess is still enjoying her sleep and I'm taking care of essentials around the house, is indeed an overwhelming reminder of who's in charge.

    Always a pleasure to have you drop by and comment.


  5. Hi there, just letting you know that I have nominated you for the Overlord Award. Just pop over to my blog and you can collect it from there.
    Vampirique Dezire

  6. What a lovely way to combine bondage and service and still be entertained by your struggle!

  7. Vampirique Dezire,

    Thank you for the nomination!


  8. Dear Mistress Lilyana,

    How nice it is to have you drop by our blog! We both miss you very much. Glad you appreciated/enjoyed my dilemna and her creative work!

    We think of you often! Hope all is well!