"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sexy interlude: view from the bottom (E)

Artwork courtesy of Thou Shall Love Thy Mistress

Little did I know my Goddess was planning to write about our "Sexy Interlude" from a few evenings ago. This entry will give you the opportunity to contrast the same interlude from her dominant perspective and from mine.

I thought I was just returning to the bedroom to go to sleep. But my Goddess was in matching bra and panties, lying on her stomach, watching something on her computer. And she looked stunningly sexy.

On my way to getting next to her to see what she was watching, I grabbed the locking leather collar from the dresser so that I could offer it to her, as is our nightly ritual. She took the collar, placed it around my neck, locked it, and grabbed the front D-ring to pull me closer for a kiss.

We kept on kissing passionately for a minute or two. She smelled so good... her lips were so soft... her body was so warm... and having her next to me felt so good.

Bringing our kissing to a gentle stop, my Goddess softly but firmly told me to get her a blindfold. I went into our toy bag, and brought a leather blindfold back to her quickly. She put it on me, she told me to lie back, and she positioned me exactly as she wanted.

My Goddess got up, and took a few steps away from the bed. I heard her rummage through some stuff, and shortly after I felt the cool softness of rope going around my lower legs. She looped the rope about half-a-dozen times, and bound my ankles in a column tie. I then felt some tension on my legs as she tied the ends of the rope to something heavy past the foot of the bed, likely the dresser standing against the opposing wall.

As soon as my legs were secured, I felt my Goddess move up to tie my wrists with a very soft fabric, and place my hands over my head in a firm enough manner that I knew I was not to move them until such a time she told me I could.

Finally, she sat on top of my hips, and began to rub herself against me, and gyrate, in a most suggestive manner, getting me very excited and erect. She also began teasing and hurting my nipples, and as I was reacting to her NT, she became even more turned on herself. In no time at all, she lifted her hips, grabbed my member firmly, and lowered herself on it, and on me, and resumed her movements. Bound and very limited in movements, I could only lay back and enjoy the ride as my Goddess used me as she wanted, satisfying simultaneously her sexual urges and her need to hurt me.

Her first orgasm came quickly. Her post-orgasm trembling sent a powerful shudder through my body, but that was all I was going to get for now. She moved off me for a few moments and focused more on some sadistic teasing, running her nails deeply over my chest and my sides.

Rapidly my moans and my gentle squirming got her excited again, and she mounted me a second time. The NT was more intense this time, and as I moved more forcefully against the bondage, she came to a huge climax a second time, just barely taking more time than for the first one.

My Goddess leaned and rested over me. I could feel her chest heaving against mine, her breathing heavy and quick, and her heart racing. I can't express how satisfying it is to bring pleasure to my Goddess, even in a small way.

Once she recovered somewhat, my Goddess laid on the side next to me. One hand supporting her head, her body alongside mine, she began on CBT with her left hand, and moved back and forth between the CBT and some NT for a minute of two. She explained to me that she expected me to provide myself with an orgasm for her own enjoyment. And then she released my wrists from bondage.

This was a new position for me. On my back, legs tied tight, blindfolded, I hesitated for a moment. She said in a deliciously dominant voice, "You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?"

I began to touch myself as my Goddess returned more vigorously to torturing my nipples with her left hand, one side at a time. Each 30 seconds or so she would focus her efforts on one of the nipples, and then return to the other. After a few minutes of this, she dug her nails, and twisted and tortured the left nipple, and she brought her head close to my chest to begin biting the right one. Moans became whimpers, which excite her to no end. She squeezed harder on the left, bit down harder on the right, and with a loud whimper coming from deep inside, I absolutely exploded, uncontrollably shooting cum all over my stomach and her right hip and upper thigh.

The climax felt like it would never end. I couldn't help but to continue moving my left hand up and down until the intense waves of pleasures faded completely, and my Goddess had released my nipples from her delightful torment.

Totally spent, I just laid there, catching my breath, as I felt my Goddess leaning over my side, positively radiating in satisfaction and dominance, proud of her improvised little interlude that was such powerful release for both of us.


  1. Ohhhh my, very lovely. I do adore being tied down and used for my Master's pleasure! What a great twist at the end, yummmm!

  2. Thanks for dropping in and sharing. I'm so glad you enjoyed that.