"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haunting smoking fetish moments & flashbacks (E)

Image from Smoking Femme Fatale

I'm sitting on the floor, holding the ashtray for my Goddess. I lit her cigarette and gave it to her. I'll be holding the ashtray for her until she's done. She's looking down on her pet with affection, but also with a sense of control... power... ownership... For all the mystique of a beautiful woman who makes smoking sexy, who makes you weak in the knees while she does it, there nothing quite like being in a position to look up at her while she is doing it...

* * * * *

My Goddess reaches over and pulls me in close to her by the chain she keeps locked around my neck at all times. She reaches up to me, like she's going to kiss me. She locks lips with me. She makes sure our lips are tightly sealed. She exhales the smoke of her cigarette. I can feel her dominance rise like the phoenix over the horizon. She's in a mood. I will be subject to much more later on.

* * * * *

The nipple rings were really, REALLY hurting. I'm pretty good with NT, including a variety of nipple clamps, pins, and clips, but these pressure rings were really tight. I didn't know if I could go 10 minutes with them. My Goddess got 15 out of me. Then she knew by my reactions they had to come off. She asked me if I wanted them off. Unusual for me, I said yes. At that point, she said she would take them off... after her next cigarette. The mix of the subspace, the pain, the control, and her smoking was totally overwhelming. And I wasn't sure anymore I wanted her to finish quickly...

* * * * *

I'm in bondage on the bed, immobile. Feet cuffed and locked into a stretcher at the foot of the bed. Wrists and cuffed and locked and tied to headboard of the bed. Sight taken away by a blindfold. Other senses heightened by the bondage and the loss of seeing what is going on. My Goddess sits next to me, and blows smoke in my face. It is but the first part of what may come. Forced inhales? Heat play? Nipple torture? Forced smoking? Often it is all of them.

* * * * *

My Goddess returns to check in on me. I've been hanging in the closet during the time she was in the shower. Blindfolded, on my knees, with my wrists cuffed and locked to the high rack above my head. After even just a few minutes in isolated bondage, I can feel the warmth of her body and the aura of her dominance as she opens the door. She runs her nails over my skin, pulls on my hair, lifts my chin up to give me a kiss. She lights a cigarette. Teases me with it. Again, I don't know quite what she'll be in the mood for... could be forced inhales... heat play... nipple torture... forced smoking... it all depends on how much time she has before she leaves for work

* * * * *

We spend the evening over a board game... in the only way my Goddess will allow it... with me in bondage. She loves to see me naked for hours with my wrists bound together, and with my ankles bound together. She loves to see me struggling to throw a dice, place a tile, or pick-up a card. She loves to watch me while I hobble along slowly to get her a drink or get her a snack during the time of the game. She especially loves to watch me fumble to reach for the cigarettes, and light them when she says it's time. Later on, the game ends, she stands, and I move to all fours to prepare to stand up. She stops me. I sit back on my ankles. She stands over me. She pulls on my hair, snapping my head back. She's still holding her cigarette, and the ash is lenghtening. Will she or won't she...

Image courtesy of Code 831


  1. Hot stuff...

    You reminded me of one of my oldest little fetish buttons... the idea of being left bound and fully hooded by an interrogating mistress. Completely deprived of the sense of hearing and sight, the only way I know that she's returned to the room is the smell of her cigarette.

    PS. I swear to God... the verification word I got was "hanginge"

  2. OMG... yes! Bound in isolation, sense-deprived, losing all sense of time and place drifting in subspace, awaiting for my Goddess to return...

    hanginge... LOL... does the Blogger server read its own content?

    Thanks for dropping by. Definitely a fetish we share.