"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Monday, August 2, 2010

It started with a card game... (E)

Artwork courtesy of http://punkbunny223.deviantart.com/, via http://thoushalllovethymistress.tumblr.com/

Sometimes there are hours that my Goddess and I share together that are so intense that despite my best efforts, I can't remember all of what went on. There was just too much happening and the subspace was just too deep. Of course, that's not such a bad thing. In fact it's the result of really good things. I guess I can't remember all the details because some parts were so awesome that I can't remember the less intense ones, or the transitional sections. This post is about such hours spent together...

I do remember that... it all started with a card game. Running an errand a little earlier in the evening, I came back from the store with a card game based on one of our favorite board games. My Goddess loves games... in part because of the challenge and competition, and in part because it means that I spend the game in bondage. Locked collar, locked and clipped wrist cuffs, locked and clipped ankle cuffs, my Goddess gets no end of joy having us play games while I'm tied up, and struggling with the simplest movements. She also always enjoys asking me for little things during that time, like getting her drinks or lighting her cigarettes, just to see me struggle for her. The tangible sense of control and ownership is unbelievably hot for both of us.

I do remember that... a bit after the game, my Goddess had me lie down on the bed and rolled me onto my front. She sat on my lower back, reached under my chest with her hands, and tortured my nipples with her long, sharp nails. When she does that, I do try get my upper body up on my elbows because I know she wants to have unrestricted access to the nipples. One of our favorite positions, my Goddess loves feeling my reactions as I lie vulnerable and pinned down under her, helpless to stop her. She can also do some very intense NT from this position, and play with me as long and as hard as she wants. The body-on-body contact, my gentle squirming between her legs, my moans proportional to the pain she inflicts, they are all enough to bring her to climax. There's nothing quite as hot as suffering for the sexual satisfaction of my Goddess.

I do remember that... my Goddess added the blindfold at some point, and decided she was in the mood for some caning. With the heavy violet plastic cane. She mercifully started the first dozen strokes gradually. But she rapidly got enamored of the streaks she left on my backside, and instead of calling an end to the caning when she took me to the edge of what I could take, she eased off the intensity a bit, and built up the crescendo again. Between the peaks in intensity , I felt her hands against the skin of my backside, cooling, soothing, recomforting. Then more strokes... sharp, heavy, intense. She commented on the color and the pattern. And on how they would look the day after. As much as having me in bondage was an expression of her control over me, this kind of caning is a demonstration of her power and dominance over me.

I do remember that... my Goddess was in the mood for some smoke and breath play. The symbolism and the sensuality of her control of my breathing, of her giving me her breath, or taking mine away, always fosters a sense of surrender that is particularly deep. Doing some of it while she was smoking made it all the more tangible and intense.

I do remember that... the breathplay wasn't all that my Goddess was in the mood for while she was smoking. She returned to NT for a little heat play. Teasing my nipples with varying level of heat from the tip of her burning cigarette. I could see none of it, but I felt the passes, slow and fast, close and closer. The surrender deepened as she teased me with the potentially extreme pain of burning. Of course, she had no need for the latter. The threat of it, and a few very close passes where I felt the intense heat without any contact, created all the reactions she needed for her excitement and satisfaction. Hot in so many ways...

I do remember that... my Goddess loves to gaze into my eyes when I am deep in subspace. When she is done sadistically playing with her toy, it is always a special moment when she places me in a comfortable position and slowly removes my blindfold. As my mind and my eyes begin to focus on the reality of the then and there, it's just magical to have the first thing they focus on be her beautiful and dominantly smiling face. There's such intimacy in that gaze, such a sense of belonging and ownership...

I do remember that... my Goddess didn't leave me much time for post-play recovery... She had other needs that required my attention. And as quickly as I could gather my thoughts and wits about me, the next thing I focused on was the sexual service my Goddess needed. In every way she required it...

I do remember that... I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and that I had to take very small steps because I still had all the cuffs on me, and I wanted neither to trip and fall, or make noise that could wake up my Goddess. I evenutally returned to the bed, and spent the rest of the night in bondage close to her...


  1. The sensual violence and thrilling acceptance of bondage in your writing continues to astound me. Kudos to Selena for providing the impetus and to you for providing the wonderful descriptions. The more I read your blog, the more I wonder if videos would be disappointing after such powerfully written words. Thank you, once again! I think I'll even allow my husband to read this one:) His empathy will run wild.

  2. Lady Grey,

    From deep inside me... thank you. You have left many wonderful comments on our blog entries, but this one leaves me humble. And almost blushing.

    I love your term "sensual violence". There's something very fitting and encompassing about it. A very insightful catch on your part.

    Of course, Selena leads this dance of wills through her creativity and inspiring performance. I'm always amazed at her spur-of-the-moment inspiration and how she keeps everything flowing so effortlessly.

    I just try to interpret the dynamics, the energy, and the emotions present as the play unfolds. It is very flattering to know that you enjoy my writing style.

    We will take our time to experiment with video. We know the bar has been set high, and we don't want to compromise. But there's something very appealing about that format, and we hope to present the dynamics in a very different way. Not better or worse than the written word, just a different and new medium of expression. And if it falls flat, then the experiment will be short-lived.

    Once more, our deep gratitude for your wonderful words and your consideration. And we hope your husband enjoys the entry.


  3. I let my husband read the entry late last night, and his reaction was just what I thought if would be. Shall we say "extreme engorgement" and just leave it at that?!?

    Well, one more thing - he absolutely loved the sentence "There's nothing quite as hot as suffering for the sexual satisfaction of my Goddess". Being a kind and caring Dom, I allowed him to prove it. A lovely night of suffering and satisfaction followed, and I'll leave you to imagine who did the suffering and who received the satisfaction:)