"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reminders of so many things (E)

Artwork courtesy of http://lunarblack.tumblr.com/

Markings had been on her mind for a while. And absent of our play for several weeks. I know that if it would be up to my Goddess, they would be a weekly ritual. At least.

After the ritual collaring for that evening, and the placing and locking of the leather wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, my Goddess ordered me to lay down on the bed, on my back. Quickly, the wrist cuffs were clipped together, and then the ankle cuffs. The nightly collaring always deepens my sense of submission to my Goddess, and the extra bondage gear only amplifies that feeling. I also love it when I can feel her excitement and anticipation at locking me away, rendering me helpless.

Belong to her... vulnerable... pet... excited... owned... in her control... play toy... I can feel her hunger... all hers... what's next... doesn't matter... anything she wants... do what you want, my Goddess...

Just a few thoughts running through my mind between the time she orders me to lie down, and she has me bound to her liking. She goes into the closet to retrieve a blindfold. She wants to maintain, perhaps extend, the suspense. Once the blindfold on, my Goddess reconsiders my predicament for an instant, and unclips the wrist cuffs. She reattaches each wrist cuff to a side D-ring on my locking leather collar. Movement is further restrained.

My Goddess sits on my hips, and begins to torment and torture my nipples. A familiar position, but also one of our favorites. The more she hurts me, the more I helplessly squirm under her. An occasional moan escapes. All of it excites her, empowers her, makes her hungrier for more. It doesn't take long before the dominoes fall: she increases the intensity of the pain to the point where my reactions excite her so much that she reaches climax. I know... it never ceases to amaze me that simply between her enjoyment of hurting me, her excitement, feeling me squirm, and hearing the deep moans that unintentionally escape me, she can reach orgasm. It's so fucking hot.

But the real purpose of this evening has yet to be revealed: the markings. My Goddess has been feeling particularly possessive these last few days. Time for some physical evidence. She reaches into one of our bedroom drawers for a rather elaborate set of temporary tattoos. No Sharpies tonight. She goes into the bathroom to get a a cup of water. She returns to sit on my hips again, and goes to work. Only once she started cleaning my skin did I piece together this new development. Until then, I had been too lost in deepening subspace.

Between some tweaking of my nipples and some CBT, she places one temporary tattoo on my right chest, and one on my left chest. She releases the clips binding my wrist cuffs to my collar, clips the wrist cuffs together once more, and has me turn on my front. And places a third temporary tattoo on the left side of my upper back.

The meticulous care she takes in placing them is a reflection of the attention and care she gives me in everything . The symbolism of the markings goes far beyond the simple gestures and play of putting them on. Both my Goddess and I will be seeing them for days to come, and reminded of this little scene. Reminded of the significance of the markings. Reminded of the nature of our relationship. Reminded of our love for each other.

The tattoos have been applied, and have dried. She removes the blindfold, and the first thing my sight falls upon is her beaming smile. A dominant and possessive smile of satisfaction. She takes hold of the central D-ring of my collar, pulls me in close to her face, and tells me emphatically "Mine!"

She pulls me in for a hug. I loop my bound hands around her as we are both sitting on the bed. She unclips my wrist cuffs and lays back. She pulls me over her. She must have me inside her. We make passionate and painful love. She won't have it any other way. Her nails are all over my arms, my back, my nipples. Her hand goes around my throat. She squeezes for a few moments. She returns to the nipples. We continue the exchange of energy and sensations... dominance and submission... pleasure and pain... ownership and belonging... until climax is unavoidable.

And for days after, we are reminded...

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