"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Morning attack! (E)

"My arms wrap around you, pulling the hard plains of your body against my own. Lips trail down the side of your neck as I inhale your scent. Hands roam over you, a tug of your head as I pull your hair. Lips claiming your jaw, teeth biting. Nails dig into flesh. Pressing hips against you. Hungry for the man you are. For the man I know you are. Starved for the feel of your body inside of me."

"[G]ood morning, Lover

Image and caption courtesy of Masochistic Beauty

Still in a fog from the deep sleep I was in, I feel sharp pain around my nipples, and my loins getting warm, tightening. A moan escapes me as I'm trying to get my wits about me and realize my Goddess is right next to me doing some NT... tugging on the central D-ring of my locked leather collar... raking her long, sharp nails around my privates and occasionally digging them in... grabbing hold of the eternity collar... going back to the NT...

As I'm slowly waking up to the delicious torment of the sensation play, my Goddess climbs up onto my hips and begins to grind down and gyrate against my rock-hard penis. No penetration, she just wants to feel me like this and hurt me for a while. She increases the intensity of the NT, making me squirm more under her. It excites her... it feeds her... it fuels her need to hurt me more. My Goddess dials up the intensity, the cycle keeps spiraling up in excitement and in pain. I feel the rawness of her sexual hunger, of her domination over my body. The hurt... my movement and my moans... her own movements, rubbing and grinding against me... she hurts me more...

This is one those moments frozen in time that seems to last forever while you are engaged in it. It still gives me shivers two days later as I write about it.

If I wouldn't have dipped into subspace so quickly, my Goddess might have brought me to the edge of climax. But this was all about her. It continues until that magical nexus when I don't think I can take anymore pain but I don't want her to stop for anything in the world. Somewhere in the cycle, at the nexus, my moans stop and she gets a whimper. How she loves the whimper! She lives for the whimper! And then a huge climax tears through her body. I can feel the reverberations as she slumps forward and trembles against my chest for a minute or two.

After the last of the tremors, my Goddess sits upright again, and moves up my torso until she lines up her hips over my head. I'm desperate to taste her, to bring her pleasure again, to have her assume such a dominant position over me, and to feel the tremors and reverberations of her climax against me once more.

I begin to reach in with my tongue, exploring gently, teasing, stimulating. I feel her already well on her way to another orgasm. I slow down a bit, but it doesn't make a difference. I slow down some more, and do more teasing with the tip of my tongue, but my Goddess is having none of it. She brings herself lower onto my face, and reaches down with her fingers to pinch my nostrils shut. I begin to work much more quickly, intensely, frantically. She has reached terminal velocity on her way to climax. She keeps me from breathing until she reaches orgasm, which is just a matter of seconds. As her climax literally shakes her off my face onto a sitting position on my chest, I take in a big inhale to catch up on the oxygen, and then I enjoy once again feeling the tremors of my Goddess' orgasm echoing through my body.

As my Goddess recovers, she moves off to my side, and tell me, "Entertain me!". That's our signal that she's had all the stimulation she can handle for the time being, but that she expects me to bring myself to climax in her presence. She's very close, lying along my right side, holding her torso up on her left elbow. She starts torturing my left nipple with her right hand as I begin to stroke my penis. Then she moves her head closer, and bites down on the right nipple. She begins a new pain-pleasure cycle for me with her long and sharp nails on one side, and her teeth on the other. More pain for me... more squirming and more moans and more movement for me... more excitement for her... and higher up we go in the spiral...

It really didn't take long. I don't know how long it took, but I know it couldn't have been more than a matter of just a couple of minutes. Somewhere climbing the pain-pleasure spiral, I absolutely explode and make a huge mess. Over my legs and stomach, over her leg and hip, over the bed. Wow... Just wow...

I reach for a couple of towels. We wipe down and wipe off. We kiss. We hug. We snuggle. And then we get up to get ready for work.

Good morning to you too, my Love!

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