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-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Game night (E)

Image courtesy of Herrin Domino and Piotrushka (tumblr site not active anymore)

A little quiet time presented itself to us this weekend, and my Goddess was in the mood for some trivia. But as some of you might recall from much earlier posts, playing table games in our household tends to be significantly, hmmm, interesting, than what most people have in mind when they pull out the game board and place the pieces...

My Goddess and I enjoyed a wonderfully romantic dinner out, and did a little shopping before coming back home. During that time out, I had on locking leather ankle cuffs, a little tangible reminder of my Goddess' control and ownership of me. Upon returning home, I removed my clothes, and she added the locking the leather collar and locking leather wrist cuffs, she clipped the ankle cuffs together, and finally she clipped the wrist cuffs together.

As usual in this setup, it was challenging for me to get on and off our relatively high bed, and run for errands, and my Goddess always enjoys every second of watching me struggle moving around when I'm in bondage.

I managed to find a stable position on the bed, cross-legged, and we setup the game board, pieces, and cards. In addition to the traditional challenge of the game, my Goddess' rules were that if I missed a question, I would get four strokes of the cane for each point it was worth. For the normal course of this particular game, I could be in line for 120 strokes or more if the game went badly for me.

We picked our tiles for the first round, and each ordered them in order of our preference (from hardest/least comfortable field of knowledge = 1 point, to easiest/most comfortable field of knowledge = 4 points). She was up first (of course... she's the Goddess), and correctly answered her question. Then it was my turn... and I didn't know the answer... Crap...

I awkwardly made my way to the edge of the bed, swung my legs over the edge, and leaned over until my feet reached the floor. I hobbled to the end of the bed, where I leaned onto my hands and stuck my backside out to present a nice easy target for my Goddess. That question was worth 1 point, so I got 4 strokes. Not that many to start, but she made sure they counted...

I struggled back onto the bed, and the game continued. I got the next three questions to move into the lead (saving myself 36 strokes), and on the next round, I missed the 1-point question again. Off the bed, another 4 strokes. Next question, worth 2 points. I had no idea. Off the bed, another 8 strokes. I correctly answered the next two questions to maintain my lead (and saving myself 28 strokes).

In the third round, I missed the first question once more. So again, off the bed, and another 4 strokes. I correctly answered the next two questions, allowing me to complete going around the board and win the game, saving me any more strokes. Of course, my Goddess was disappointed, and to a certain extent, so was I, although I'm not sure if she was more disappointed at coming in a close second, or at the fact that the caning was done for now. It is worth noting, however, that in the past, the end of the game has never meant that she couldn't decide that I needed more caning...

She was, in fact, in the mood to hurt me a little more, and after we finished putting the game away, I stretched out on my belly, up to my elbows, as we chatted, and then she decided to climb onto my back for some scratching, some biting, and reaching underneath with her hands for some heavy NT over the course of about 10 minutes. As usual, my moans and squirmy movements excited her immensely, as she sat on my lower back, leaned over me, and had fun hurting me.

For some, it may beg the question, why did I not let her win? Simply, she expects me to do my best. We are both very good at trivia, and she would not at all appreciate me throwing the game, either to get more strokes or for her ego. Those are games we don't play. Nor do I ever intentionally mess up in my service to her in order to get "punishment". There's something dishonest about those kinds of mind games. Disappointing her, or incurring her wrath, would be terribly shameful for me, and not in the least something I would aim to get some pleasure from. In addition, my Goddess is way too smart not to see this kind of manipulation from a mile away.

Playful moments reinforcing the D/s dynamics of our relationship... under conditions of control (bondage, special rules) dictated by her mood... and her enjoyment of her power over me by subjecting me to sensation/impact play (caning, NT) that allowed her to physically express her dominance over my body and my mind... What a wonderful way it was to wrap-up the weekend!

Image courtesy of Eagerlicker via Dishevelled Domina


  1. I really enjoyed this entry. I love making a game out of things, and I like the way that the rules offer a sporting chance to Dymion to avoid the cane merely by being perfect! Since "perfection" should be the norm that is expected of a sub, it seems quite fair to me to punish anything less.

    And of course, Selena's apres game of NT, etc., is merely icing on the cake. You're a lucky sub, Dymion.

  2. Lady Grey!

    How good of you to drop by! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Indeed, my Goddess holds me to high standards. The delicious predicament, of course, is that she doesn't lose either way.

    I do know how lucky I am. My Goddess is just so precious to me.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Always nice to have you swing by.