"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A whole new level (E)

Artwork courtesy of http://snail.meilk.com via Lunar Black

The last post by Goddess Selena received a number of comments, public and private, that were absolutely fascinating. And they were all the more engaging since we had been thinking about doing short videos for quite a while. Now before you all start holding your breath for the first one to appear, it's important to understand that especially after the feedback we received, we would want to do this right.

Among the comments left on our blog, Queen and Slave indicated that the idea of short videos that would allow the flow of images, words, and viewer/reader imagination would be attractive to them.

"Kathryn" felt strongly enough about it to come out of lurking to support the idea of seeing the "magic" that Selena and I share on "a whole new level". She continues:

"Seeing your dynamic like that would simply be amazing. It'd also be really useful, because my boyfriend and I are just starting exploring all this, and out of all the blogs we've read, yours is the one that resonates with our dynamic the most. So it would be great to see from a comparison/idea-sharing and provoking point of view too."

"Steve" said:

"From reading your blogs I would think your videos would be done tastefully, classy and give us a further glimpse into a real world aspect of this dynamic. I know there are many who have struggled, myself being one, with introducing their partners to all of this. "

Her Majesty's Plaything followed up in a similar direction, writing:

"I think it would be wonderful for you and Dymion to share your interaction on video with us! I for one would welcome it. I feel I have gotten to know both of you through mutual sharing in the blogosphere and watching you together on video would definitely kick it up a notch!"

These thoughts, and the wonderful comments that were left about our blog put in relief our ideals about such an experience, but also reiterated some of my worries about adding short videos. Sharing the view we have from our D/s journey could be a positive experience for many people. And I'm not talking about those just looking for more wanking material! But there are worries. Could we really capture the magic in a visual format? While both of us are pretty creative, neither one of us are experienced videographers. Would the clips turn out to be too boring and disappointing for some? Or too explicit and perhaps too BDSM-porn for others? Clearly, our writing has set expections very high. Our challenge would be to blend/integrate just being ourselves, since that's the key ingredient of our "magic", with something that would be a bit more structured in a way that would be allow for the possibility of learning, inspiring fantasy and reality, and perhaps some level of contrasting approach/technique/mood.

The written word is an extraordinary medium. This is why even the best movie is at a disadvantage relative to the book on which it is based. The further challenge of capturing in images something that is so based on energy, on mood, on attitude, is rather intimidating. And ensuring a certain level of anonymity in a manner that won't take away from the video but would still minimize the risk of real-life exposure is just as daunting. Although we do have some ideas...

So this has firmed our resolve to move ahead with this project, but it's likely going to take us a little time to come up with imagery that is true to who we are, and that hopefully captures at least a bit of who are are and what we do. I doubt it'll look very professional, but perhaps what we lack in finish we'll make up in a style that is uniquely us. More private play party than porn video, more energy and dynamics than toy and technique demonstration, more D/s than exhibitionism.

Who knows... this may be for us also a whole new level in the expression of our sexuality and sensuality. If we can avoid being too self-conscious of the medium, this could be a new way, or the next way, in which we can celebrate our love for each other, our distinctive sexual orientations, our extraordinary fit of opposites, and a lifestyle that is sensually beautiful, intensely intimate, powerfully intoxicating, and wonderfully rewarding,

And we'll count on you, our dedicated and oh-so-flattering readers, to let us know how we're doing on the filmmaking.

P.S.: Many thanks to Queen & Slave, to Kathryn, to Steve, to HMP, and to others who communicated with us. Your feedback, your compliments, and your insights and hopes all foster a sense of community, and provide us with a driving sense of mission to continue to share this part of our lives.


  1. The idea is quite daunting, and I wish you the best of luck. I think one of the biggest problems will be the anonymity question. By necessity, you'll have to avoid facial shots, and since so much of the attraction of videos emanates from facial expressions, you'll be somewhat stifled in that regard. I think you'll have to make up for it by paying great attention to your voices and the words you choose to use. That might also be a problem anonymity-wise. As I say, quite daunting; but give it a go and let us know how it's progressing.

  2. I an technologically challenged so I wouldn't begin to give advice on videoography but... What if to get yourselves comfortable with the process you start out with simple audio recordings. For your own personal enjoyment at first. Have the recorder just on. Wether you plan anything or not. I think eventually you may forget its there and then capture that true dynamic. Later on you could remember what you were doing that brought out a certain comment, reaction, or sound, and film images accordingly. I think it might come out more real then if you tried to script something ahead of time. Of course I'm sure it's easier said then done. Just a thought

  3. @ Lady Grey,
    Daunting indeed, but I think we are contemplating some creative solutions... bad lighting and poor resolution may have their advantages... we'll see how it comes out...

    You are right about us just doing our thing. Fact of the matter is, we couldn't come up with the same production values, costumes, props, etc... that are already out on the web already. The only thing special we can do is simply to be ourselves. So that's what we'll be aiming to do. And we'll see how that turns out too.

    Thank you both for dropping by, and for your comments. Always great to hear from you.