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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Product review: Blue Spiral (E)

Well... this review has been a long time coming. But finally, here it is.

A while after our first review for them, Kayla at
EdenFantantasys generously offered us another product to field test and review. My Goddess and I settled on the Blue Spiral, a superb looking dildo that tweaked our curiosity.

My Goddess has a real passion for taking advantage of me with anal play. She loves the sounds I make, and my reactions to what she does to me. Our small collection of strap-ons and dildos are among her favorite items of our BDSM toy collection. On my side, I find submitting to her in anal play one of the most intimately submissive part of what we do, whether she simply delights in teasing me and tormenting with a dildo while I'm in bondage or she fucks me until she reaches orgasm wearing a strap-on. The
Blue Spiral interested us because of its different shape and pattern, we did not yet have a glass dildo in our collection, and it was an opportunity to try out something just a bit different.

As usual, we were very excited when the item arrived by mail. Who doesn't get a rush checking the mailbox and finding a package that is likely going to be a sex toy? I brought it in, and waited for my Goddess to be ready for us to open it together. Once we pulled it out its package, we loved its heft, its feel, and its presentation.

The Blue Spiral came in a nice velvety-feeling bag with drawstrings. As you would expect from a glass item, it was heavy and very rigid. The head was significantly larger than the shaft, and all of its grooves were very smooth and sensual. There are four grooves length-wise along the head of the dildo, and the actual blue spiral around the shaft. And then, there's the little knob... Back to that later.

For those of you who like specs, here is a recap of the
web page of the Blue Spiral:

Material: Pyrex glass; food-grade material, hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, phthalates free
Texture: nubbed, swirled, textured head
Color: blue/clear
Length: 5 3/4"
Insertable length: 3 3/4"
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Weight: 9 oz

Once we examined it, and talked about all the possibilities, we placed the Blue Spiral back into its bag, and put it on my Goddess' bedside table so that it would be handy whenever she got in the mood to use it. But there it stayed for quite a while. Unfortunately, despite the excitement, the usual issues of health, work, and business road trips that have plagued us for much of this year (as witnessed by the scarcity of our posts) got in the way.

But two weekends ago, my Goddess and I went out on a date. She looked stunning wearing a pin-stripe jacket over a nice white top, sexy dark grey tights, and black high-heel boots. We had a wonderful dinner together, and when we returned home, she was in the mood for some extended playtime. This included some bondage while I was kept blindfolded, hot wax, NT, smoking play, and of course, our new Blue Spiral glass dildo. The full details of that session will be the subject of an upcoming post.

By the time my Goddess pulled the
Blue Spiral, she had me blindfolded, lying on my stomach on the bed, with my wrists tied to the headboard, and my ankles tied to the footboard of the bed, feet about 30" apart. She ran the glass dildo over my back, up my neck, and over my lips. It was a mysterious sensation, one I did not recognize until she put it against my lips, and I felt the coolness and hardness of the glass. Knowing then what my Goddess had in her hands, my already high-level of anticipation heightened, and I dropped deeper into subspace.

It had been a while since we had done some anal play. I tried to remain relaxed so that I wouldn't give my Goddess too much trouble with her plans. But the
Blue Spiral slipped in much easier than expected, especially considering that its head is a fair diameter. I think the shape of its head, along with the length-wise grooves and the smoothness of the glass, all contributed to making it easy for my Goddess to insert it.

My Goddess had no trouble whatsoever in moving the glass dildo inside me, pulling it back, thrusting with it, or spinning it inside me. The end-knob/handle seemed to provide her with an ease of use that was far better than anything else we've had a chance to play with. 10 out of 10 for ease of use.

At one point, my Goddess went over to get a candle for wax play. I was not aware of that at the time, but before leaving my side, she did tease me not to let the
Blue Spiral slip out. I got a little worried because I have a tendency to uncontrollably eject anal toys fairly quickly unless there is pressure kept on them. I was just hoping to relax enough so that most of it would still be in by the time she would return. To my great surprise, and relief, the glass dildo did not move. My guess is that the head is sufficiently large in contrast to the shaft that the body will close/tighten past the head, around the shaft, and it minimizes the body's natural tendency to push it out. That was a first for me!

The sensations from the glass dildo itself were awesome. The
Blue Spiral isn't overly wide or long, but it's still quite pleasurable/enjoyable. I felt everything my Goddess did with it... the aforementioned thrusting, pulling back, turning, and spinning. Of course, the fact that she was doing it at least as much for her enjoyment as for mine made it all the more D/s fantastic.

I give it top marks for its size. We do have other dildos that are more intense, but they are either longer and/or larger, and nowhere as easy to handle. This one was lots of sensations in a fairly small dildo. Overall, this was an awesomely fun and easy toy to play with. Two thumbs up from me.

My Goddess absolutely loved it. She found it very easy to handle, and very easy to get the reactions out of me she loves so much. She enjoyed how smoothly it slipped in, how easy it was to move it around with the little end-knob/handle, and she loved how it would stay in me within needing to keep pressure on it all the time. She definitely gave it two thumbs up. And I must say that cleaning it up was a cinch. Hooray for glass!

Our gratitude to
EdenFantantasys for giving us the opportunity to review their Blue Spiral, and for Kayla's patience with us. It turned out to be a superb piece that will undoubtably see regular action when the mood for anal play strikes my Goddess. Perhaps the best toy we have reviewed yet!


  1. Hi Dymion:

    Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

    Her Majesty and I also frequently play in this area and we don't have any glass toys yet either. As it happens Kayla also sent me a list of insertables from which to choose. I must admit your review has me thinking about going glass....

  2. HMP,

    Nice to see you around in these parts!

    I must say that I'm very picky about BDSM gear, including strap-ons, but I had never been that difficult about dildos and other insertables. Now I know why some folks are such fans of glass insertables, despite the cost.

    We definitely had fun with this item. Unless your Majesty and you are looking for something on a, hmmm, bigger scale, this one was definitely a find.

    Hope you and your Majesty are doing well.


  3. From a woman's perspective, this really is a beautiful piece. It makes me happy just looking at it and makes me ecstatic to put it to use. -Selena