"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Friday, September 9, 2011

The secret is... enthusiasm (E)

A Little Light Bondage by Sorceress2000, via Lunar Black

Enthusiasm expresses wants and needs, and wants and needs impose will. Enthusiasm is the collection of many little daily gestures and words that expresses my Goddess' dominance, and her enjoyment of our D/s relational dynamics. And the fun she has playing with her toy... me.

Enthusiasm is my Goddess...

...giving me a harsh look and barking "Where's your collar, Bitch!" if I take any undue time to offer her the locking collar upon my arrival home each day. It happens very seldom... but when it does...

...pointing at her feet, where she wants me to sit, when she is ready to smoke and wants me to hold the ashtray for her;

...telling me what she wants or what she needs, and it is absolutely clear in the tone of her voice, that she is expecting, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will do it for her or get it for her;

...taking hold of my hair or my collar, pulling me in close to her, exhaling her cigarette smoke in my mouth;

...suddenly grabbing me by the hair while I'm sitting at her feet on the floor, and walking me over to the other end of the living room, leaving me on all fours, and serving up 24 strokes with the paddle, followed by 24 strokes with the cane;

...deciding that I will serve as furniture, and putting her legs up on my shoulders when I am at her feet on the floor, or telling me I must sleep at a 90 degree angle to her so that she can lay her legs up over my torso to sleep more comfortably, or ordering me to sit behind her so she can recline against me while we watch TV;

...bursting out "I really want to hurt you!" during lovemaking, and she brings me to a thunderous orgasm as I simultaneously whimper from the nipple torture;

...finalizing plans to bring me out to have a tattoo identifying me as her property;

...telling me "You're getting tied up tonight!" and after binding my wrists to the headboard of the bed, leaving me bound until the time the morning alarm goes off;

...sitting on my stomach while I am bound, and marking my chest with dominantly possessive drawings and notes with different colored Sharpies, which will remain visible for 3-5 days.

Enthusiasm is... the secret to the magic of D/s. At least for us it is.

Iconic picture of Prodomme Mistress Juliet Taylor (who seems to have retired), found on Women with Whips


  1. This is an excellent post. One can get into a very pleasurable set of routines and lose spontaneity. Your post reminds me that my spontaneous acts of malevolence, as well as ensuring deeper subjugation of my bitch-boy, brings bonus pleasure as a reward.

  2. bonus pleasure for me, of course!!!

  3. Avery,

    Thanks for dropping by! And we're glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Hi Dymion:

    I absolutely agree! The more Her Majesty lives the reality of being my Dominant Goddess, rather than just playing the part, the better it gets. The more I can truly submit to her rather than asking her to fulfill my expectations the more real it gets. D/s and FemDom are becoming the fabric and foundation of our marriage. That and love of course. Can't forget the love! ;-)

    Great post!

  5. That was just beautiful. You two complete each other.

  6. Dear Ms. Scarlet,

    My deepest apologies... I've just noticed that I missed replying to your comments.

    I love the way you think... clearly you share much in attitude and approach with Goddess Selena.

    "Spontaneous acts of malevolence" *swoon* ;)

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by and share your thoughts with us.


  7. HMP,

    You're right on the money, like usual. Their own desires for dominance make the D/s relational dynamics so much more engaging, meaningful, and intense than their accomodations for our submission.

    And no, you can't forget the love!

    Always glad to have you drop by!


  8. Yardbird,

    Thank you for your kind words! Indeed, we have something very special and very precious. And we make it a point of appreciating it every day!

    Thanks for dropping by!