"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Friday, May 21, 2010

Predicaments I never want to end (E)

Credits for the photography go to http://www.planetfemdom.com/ and Jewell Marceau

Deliberately, teasingly, my Goddess enjoyed taking her time putting the cuffs on me. At the first the wrist cuffs, then the ankle cuffs. Methodically, she would unbuckle one, straighten it out, wrap it around the limb, make it snug, buckle it up, hook up the padlock, and as she snapped the latter shut, she would say "click!" with a little smile that betrayed her excitment. The vibes coming from her were a combination of can't-go-back-now-it's-locked, you're-mine-now-bitch, and hmmm-what-ever-shall-I-do. In a matter of a few minutes, my Goddess has placed and locked all four of the cuffs, and clipped the wrists together, and the ankles together. After, of course, she had placed and locked around my neck the locking leather collar.

The increasing excitement... the growing anticipation... the sensuality of my Goddess exercising her power and will... just made my descent into surrender and subspace so smooth, enjoyable, and feeling good...


My Goddess had me lie down on my back, and then proceeded to unclip my writst cuffs, and reclipped them to the two side rings (actually, the rings are positioned between the side and the front, kind of 2-10 o'clock) of the locking leather collar. Without wasting time, she mounted me over my chest, moved forward until her knees totally pinned down my arms and her sacred feminine parts were right over my mouth. As she lowered herself over me, she slid her knees further away from my head, pinning my arms even more securely and creating a tension on the collar, partly immobilizing my head movements. It was uncomfortable and intoxicatingly erotic. Not quite predicament bondage, but being bound and immobilized in such a position, and yet forced to bring her great pleasure, knowing that I had little control over the position, was deliciously evil. To reach my objective of helping my Goddess reach a huge climax, I had to fight against the bondage, against the position, and against the discomfort. Falling ever deeper into subspace, my mind bounced chaotically over the waves of her dominance, I couldn't decide if I wanted my Goddess to get her orgasm quickly so that my struggle would come to an end, or if I wanted the predicament to be prolonged, trapped in a such delightfully devious dilemna...


My Goddess decided that after her time playing with me, and enjoying her share of pleasure, she would allow me release. But as usual, it would not be without cost for me. During that time, her torment and torture of my nipples was exquisitely painful. I could feel that now she was the one facing the dilemna... How much could she hurt me without me reaching orgasm? How long could she hurt me and still enjoy hurting me as intensely much as possible?

The day after, I still had tremors and some trembling when I had flashbacks of the imagery, sensations, and emotions...


  1. "It was uncomfortable and intoxicatingly erotic." - A near perfect description of the pleasure/pain concept.

    "My Goddess decided that after her time playing with me, and enjoying her share of pleasure, she would allow me release. But as usual, it would not be without cost for me."
    - I love the "cost" factor and use it all the time. As I tell my husband, you've got to pay to play. And, yes, the price is often measured in pain.

    Great post! Happy "clicks" to both of you.

  2. Lady Grey,

    Welcome back, and thank you for your enthusiastic feedback.

    And click-away we will!