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-- When Harry met Sally

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
-- Carl Jung

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Expressing fantasies... real time... ( S & E)

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Intro (E):
Such a big part of the D/s journey, and exploration in BDSM, is the sharing of fantasies, needs, and desires. The follow-up, of course, is submitting to them on the sub side, and willing them to happen on the domme side. The actual realization of the scenario depends on who brings them up: the scenarios should happen pretty much as described if they are expressed by the domme, and serve as inspiration if expressed by the sub, if the top finds interest, fit, and potential fulfillment in the general direction of the proposed scene.

This kind of sharing and communicating is very different from scripting a scene. Done in good faith, between two individuals that share a deep connection and an exceptional level of trust, this is the path to exploration, discovery, and moving further/deeper into the journey.

The critical moment of breaking the ice and stepping into previously unexplored areas, however close or far from what has happened, often remains an awkward, sometimes even embarassing one. Simultaneously curious and fascinated by the mechanisms and dynamics of breaking new ground, I proposed to my Goddess that we actually write out in real time this process, documenting our exchanges by writing them in this blog entry, with minimal verbal communications. She gracefully and enthusiastically agreed, and following is the result of our experiment. Hopefully, we'll follow-up with another entry within the next few days to talk about how things actually turned out. Unless, of course, we get so turned-on by what we're doing that we never finish the discussion and we get to the scene very quickly...

* * * * *

Dymion: Now that we have some pieces of furniture with some real kink potential, it occured to me that we haven't really explored bondage or any kind of BDSM activities with them, except for the bed. Just within reach we have a great office chair, a rocking chair, and a high-stool. If nothing else than bondage happens on/with them, I think that we could have a lot of fun with them...

Selena: Did I tell you how hot you looked today, my prince? But I digress, in response to your suggestion, we also have the chair made for playing video games...close to the floor...it rocks. We would have to use the rope, of course, since it doesn't have any handles of any sort. However, I am also intrigued by the office chair. Lots of possibilities with the arm rests and such. Can't decide.

Dymion: God... I'd forgotten about the low-chair... We actually talked about its potential about a week ago. I think that it should be quite possible to work with it without rope. Arms behind the seat would probably prevent any kind of escape from it. And thank you for the compliment...

Selena: You're welcome. I hadn't thought your arms behind the seat...I was visualizing arms tied to your sides...rope around the chair. We hadn't tried that position yet. Not sure how tight I can make it as I am still a bit of an amateur at rope play, but I will certainly try to keep you secured to prevent escape. And I am sure you would have patience for your Goddess to experiment a bit.

Dymion: Of course I would... I know the rewards that come from my Goddess getting a chance to express her creative dominant self... But I still can't decide what would be the most intense... To be so restrained under your continuous delicious torment, or torment interspersed with segments where you leave to do other things while I'm left bound and isolated. The physical stimulation in such a helpless position would be many-fold amplified for me, and yet, those moments of isolation bring about an overwhelming sense of vulnerablity and being in your total control...

Selena: Hmmm...it is not a question of which one to do, but rather which one to do FIRST. I do enjoy watching from a distance on occasion. I come in to check on you from time to time...kiss your forehead...share the smoke of my cigarette...torment a bit (just a tiny bit). I am thinking the office chair might be where we start the next bondage scene as I will be quite sure you can't get away. Is there anything I need to interrogate out of you? Secrets you are hiding from me? Passwords unrevealed?

Dymion: You know I hold no secrets from you, my Goddess. But I'll invent one if I need to... Knowing your skills, though, I don't know how long I can hold on to it... I love the idea of starting with the office chair. The possibilities are endless and intoxicatingly alluring: the long arm-rests, the 5 support legs, the wide back... I think I'm starting to feel weak in the knees already. And then there's the accessorizing... what will you bring to play with once I'm bound? Once I'm in your control?

Selena: You will need the blindfold as I don't want you to anticipate my next move...I might use the gag for a little while...I hate to muffle your sounds, but I find it is very symbolic of punishment. Other tools...well...what would be the fun in letting you know everything to expect? One thing I will bring, most definitely, is the camera...

Dymion: Now my head is starting to spin... In-between these exchanges, I'm having flashbacks of moments bound and tormented in our makeshift dungeon in the closet. The combination of a difficult bondage position, moments of being deprived of my senses and a connection with the outside world, moments of intense stimulation and pain... But back to this scene, I feel weak just thinking of the helplessness, the vulnerability. And yet, I love giving up my ability to move, giving up my senses, giving up my mind and body to you. The more I give up to you, to your care, to your dominance, to your dominant self-expression, the more intense I feel that sense of belonging to you, a feeling I love and I need, a feeling I live for.

Selena: I could light a few candles....perhaps some Enigma in the background...play off and on for hours in between doing other things around the house...There you would be when I felt the need to return and stimulate my prince. Or, I could watch a movie and simply sit in the chair as if you weren't even beneath me. Could I do that? Feeling the warmth of your skin...hearing you breathe...hard to imagine I could objectify you in quite that way when my need to be connected to you is so present in my every thought. Well...I might be able to objectify for a little while, but then I would yearn to go back to the torment, the self-expression, the possible wee bit of bloodshed depending on my tool of choice. Wow....it appears we have many possibilities here.

Dymion: OMG... I never tire of the mood that Enigma creates while we're playing... I can almost smell the candles... And the sitting on me thing... wow... feeling the warmth and smelling the fragrance of your skin... feeling the weight of your body on me... serving to please my Goddess in a brand new way. I'm just about on the verge of begging for you to do that part right now. We do have many possibilities, and the anticipation is starting to make me edgy. I think that the moment I half-expected in this experiment, that of needing to close off the dialogue so that we can move on to some play, is nearly here...

Selena: Very nearly here. Silly Selena thought she would be getting to bed early tonight...

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